All New!

October, Uncategorized

Welcome to the all new MyPleasure blog. We’re glad you’re here.

Our new blog will feature a range of topics addressing the issues you care about most including enhancing your sex life, the latest and greatest products, reviews, contests, current studies around sex, and how to have fun and mix it up in the bedroom.

We’ll also feature guest bloggers who are experts in the industry who will bring you their favorite sexy twists.

We have made some major changes to both the blog and to the website in 2019.  I can only promise that there will be better changes to come.  We now have a dedicated blogger that will be putting together some great topics and toy reviews.

So don’t be a stranger,  come by and visit.  Tell us what you think,  what topics you want to learn more about.  That is what we are here for.  To make you the sexiest you that you can be.

The “All New” MyPleasure Blogger

The All New MyPleasure Blog

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