Top Sex Toys for Couples for Valentine’s Day

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You can get the roses, dinner and chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  But don’t you deserve the gift of orgasms? Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner and have a night of passions that you will never forget.   MyPleasure along with our very own heartbreaker,  Melissa,  has put together a list of products that will make her scream with pleasure on this Valentine’s Day.

 MiMi Rechargeable Waterproof Vibrator

mimi-by-je-joue_1The MiMi from JeJoue is not just your typical powerful vibrator.  The MiMi fits in the palm of your hand.  Even though it is small in size, it has six levels of surprisingly strong vibrations.  It is quiet and this MiMi won’t get in the way of intercourse.   Just simply lay the Mimi on your clitoris and let the fun begin.  You will both feel the vibrations that will lead to strong and powerful orgasms.

W500 Deluxe Womanizer

bjchlpp1j7azrpoljurfhgqdcccp9gydSo have your wonder what the big deal about the Womanizer stimulator is about.  Well, all I can say is that she will have strong orgasms over and over again.   At the tip,  the Womanizer features a clitoral suction cup tip that also includes a gentle but very effective vibration.    With this combination,  women have experienced orgasms where they have not have with other sex toys in the past.

Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibratorchzh2nlu4aa-vn2-copy

The Tryst is the newest release from Doc Johnson.  There is no other design like this out on the market today,    Use alone or with a partner,  the Tryst can stimulate the labia, clitoris, nipples and even can help stroke the shaft of a penis.   The Tryst features separate controls for the base and two curved vibrating arms.

Presenting your lover with a gift from MyPleasure lets them know exactly what is on your mind for Valentine’s Night.  Also, our Valentine’s gift to you.  Use Coupon Code “Melissa” for 15% off on your next purchase at MyPleasure.

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