5 Ways to Keep Long Distance Relationships Sexy

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Long distance relationships are tough on relationships, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be done successfully. If both parties are committed to each other and are willing to put the time and effort needed for the relationship to thrive when one is hundreds (or thousands) of miles away, a long distance relationship can work out better than those see each other every day. One of the biggest downfalls of long distance relationships is that loss of real intimacy since you can’t physically touch them to give them a huge, kiss, snuggle or more. However, with a creative mind and a whole lot of love, you can easily keep long distance relationships sexy and here are a few ways how:

  1. Write Each Other Sexy LetterS (Or Emails)

Get dirty and nasty with each other by writing them what you plan on doing to them sexually the next time you see them. You can either go the old fashioned way and mail them a letter or send them a quick email detailing that sexual dream you had of them last night. Whatever way you choose to get your message across, get as graphic and detailed as you can and be creative with your words so that they’ll yearning for you every time they read it!

  1. Skype or FaceTime Each Other

The great thing about today’s technology is that there are a few options for video messaging so that means you can easily Skype or FaceTime each other and get naughty. You can easily talk dirty to each other and watch each other pleasure yourselves until you can do it in person. Make it fun by adding in some foreplay by playing a stripping game before getting to the “good” stuff! Just make sure that you guys are alone and that no roommates can accidentally walk in on your “session.”

  1. Sexting

For times when you can’t seem to get alone time to Skype or FaceTime, why not send each other dirty text messages with graphic things you will do to them in the near future or send them naughty close ups of your privates.

4.Phone Sex

Every long distance relationship can benefit from a bit of phone sex! Talk dirty to one another and let your sexual fantasies come to life during a late-night phone call with each other.

  1. Vibratissimo QuattroSex Toys

You might be thinking about sex toys and you’d be right, but when you this is anything but your average sex toy! The Vibratissimo powered by Evolved Novelties allows you to control your partner’s toy from literally anywhere in the world! Add this in with some Skyping or FaceTime and your long distance relationship will thrive. The sexy toys are powered by a phone app and are Bluetooth enabled. They’re crafted in Europe and are made with premium materials that provide safe pleasure for all. Partners will be able to create custom vibrations that can be stored and share and the app has a social component to it, allowing couples to connect with the Vibratissimo community.

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