Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Leave the tie buying to the kids and get the sexy dad in your life a present that will rev his engine this Father’s Day. With all the work he’s put in he deserves a gift that will remind him that even though he changes diapers and helps out on homework he’s still the same sexy man he was before he became a dad.

For the father you’re married to or dating we recommend the WeVibe III. This best selling couple’s toy will bring spice to your sex life in a way that no other vibrating toy can. Designed to hug the g-spot and clitoris during intercourse, this popular vibrator has 6 functions of vibration and pulsation that are 40% stronger than the previous WeVibe II. Men love vibration just as much as women do and you’ll both have a blast with this toy.

For your best guy friend dad who doesn’t want more kids right now we recommend condoms. A lot of guys get whatever basic condoms they can find at the grocery/drug store, but there are a lot of options out there that can be more fun for both your dad friend and his partner. We think condoms can be a great gift any time of year … just make sure to give them discreetly.

For the man you call daddy, but isn’t your father we recommend the Beginner Bondage Kit to explore all of your BDSM fantasies together. We know you’ve been curious since you read 50 Shades of Grey. The only question left is: who gets to be tied up first?

Getting your dad a sexy Father’s Day gift could be a bit awkward which is why we recommend the  Ultimate Romance Kit. It’s a nice innocent way of telling your dad that you want him to have a fulfilling romantic sex life without the creepy factor. This of course only works if your dad is still with your mom or has paired off with someone else. It comes complete with everything he’d need to woo his partner into a romantic evening for two.

If you’re a father why should you wait and hope that someone else gives you the perfect sexy Father’s Day present? Get one for yourself! We recommend the Tenga Flip Air because it is the sleekest, most technologically advanced men’s sex toy we’ve ever seen. I mean it conforms to the shape of your penis for gosh sake! This is the kind of toy that gives ladies penis envy. If you’re a gadget guy you can’t pass this one up.

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