Stephen Hawking and Nudie Clubs

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Now we knew Stephen Hawking wasn’t your stereotypical dry, lab-centric astrophysicist when he was cool enough to do voiceovers on Futurama. He’s becoming even more interesting now that his  his randy side seems to be coming out to play (or maybe we’re just now hearing about it). New Scientist interviewed Professor Hawking just prior to his 70th birthday – he was given two years to live in 1963 when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease – and Hawking was asked what he thought about most.

“Women,” the great professor said. “They are a complete mystery.”

And you have to love the fact that it’s a mystery he seems pretty keen to solve, or at least look into. Not long after his charming admission of being mystified by the ladies, it’s been revealed that Hawking has visited the Freedom Acres swing club in California. The Daily Mail reported that Hawking “arrived with an entourage of nurses and assistants before paying young, naked dancers to perform privately for him.” Cambridge University validated that Hawking had visited the club but denied he was a “regular” as other reports had claimed. He is, however, a popular guest at Stringfellows, a famous London ‘gentlemen’s club’  in Covent Garden. Owner Peter Stringellow described Hawking as “the Man,” and “Easily one of the most intelligent men in the world with one of the finest brains and on top of that so brave that he takes my breath away – but he’s very human with it.” When Stringfellow asked if Hawking would like to talk shop – Hawking’s shop being the universe – or would he prefer to watch the girls, well, the universe lost.

The twice-divorced Hawking is an excellent reminder not only that sexual interest can last well into our later years but that people with disabilities are sexual creatures, too. For information on maintaining and improving sexual relationships with injuries and disabilities, check out Disaboom, founded by Dr. J. Glen House (for real – Dr. House!), a physician who is also a quadriplegic. The site, featuring tips by experts and peers, features sections on dating and relationships and sexuality and disability that offers tips on everything from sexual positions to wedding planning to online sex talk. MyPleasure also offers a Disabled Sex Guide as well as the book Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability.

Or you could just go to a nudie club. We hear even smart guys are doing it.

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