Resolution Challenge: Experience More Pleasure in the New Year

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As December comes to an end and everyone begins to come down from their holiday-high, that annual question always creeps up at the end of the month: What am I going to do for my New Years resolution?

New Year’s Eve is the night where individuals reflect on the past year, and more importantly, look forward to the promises that lay ahead. And often, the start of a new year is the time for many to reflect on the changes they want (or need) to make in their busy lives.

But here is my take on the New Year: Although it is a magnificent time to wipe the slate clean and look to start making improvements, often times—the resolutions appear to be all work, no play.

As you skim many of the major news sites over the next few days, handfuls of publications will be highlighting the top resolutions of the year (i.e. lose weight, workout more, spend less money, quit smoking, eat less junk food, etc.). And although many of those goals are fabulous ones to make, they tend to focus on doing less of something you love (even if that thing isn’t the best for you).

So as you begin to think about the changes you want to make in your life for the New Year, we challenge you to add another goal to your list: experience more pleasure.

This way, as you work to eliminate your vices in 2012, you can replace the old habits with new, sex positive ones.

So to get you started off on the right foot this year, we’ve put together a handful of options to incorporate into your routine that will help you experience more pleasure in 2012.

–       Each month, aim to try a new sex position. Whether it be one that you’ve been dying to try, or revisiting a position you’ve loved in the past—aim to break the cycle if you’ve found yourself falling into a “sex routine”.

–       Incorporate sex toys into the mix. If you don’t already own them, the New Year is the perfect time to start. Whether you start out with something simple (such as vibrators or vibrating cock rings) or go straight to dildos or anal toys—sex toys are made to bring more pleasure.

–       Try a new toy each month. Lets say you’re already a seasoned user of sex toys—by making a resolution to try a new one each month, not only will you gain quite the collection, you’ll be less likely to become bored with current equipment.

–       Set a designated ‘day for sex’. Often times when couples get extremely busy, sex gets pushed to the back burner . So aim to have a designated day for sex each week or each month whatever your schedules and libidos allow. And I’m not just talking a quickie before bed—I mean the whole nine yards. Incorporate time for foreplay, spice it up by taking it to the shower or role-playing with sexy outfits—basically just give yourself enough time to savor the moment.

–       Shoot for sex in new locations. If you’re prone to only doing the deed in the bedroom, aim to have sex in 12 new locations throughout 2012. Whether it be the kitchen, a parking garage, your bathroom—or someone else’s bathroom. Sex in new places is a great thing to try.

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