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The WeVibe II is an incredibly popular toy, it’s even been mentioned on Dr. Oz. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s a really unique toy that fits well into a couple’s love making in a way that no other toy has been able to accomplish. For those of you not in the know, the WeVibe is worn by a woman during intercourse. She puts one side inside her vagina where it rests and stimulates her g-spot and the other rests outside her body where it stimulates her clit. The toy is thin enough that it allows for her partner to also stimulate her at the same time with fingers or a penis. We do not recommend dildos as the friction between the two toys tends to be too much and the WeVibe won’t stay in place. Fingers or a penis and lots of lube work very well though and also provide stimulation through vibration to the penetrator.

It’s really an amazing toy and we didn’t really think there was much room for improvement, but WeVibe recently came out with the WeVibe III and it has blown our minds! It’s got all the features you love in the same shape and body healthy silicone, but it is now 40% stronger, waterproof, comes in a discreet recharging/storage station, and can be operated with either the buttons on the toy as before or now with a remote. Think of all the hot dates that can now be so much hotter if you’re wearing the WeVibe III out on the town! If you do decide to wear it out we really recommend wearing panties to help keep the toy in and keep in mind that the remote only functions at a 10 foot distance so you and your sweety will have to stay extra close.

Get your WeVibe III today! And don’t forget, all purchases now come with a free gift of your choosing.

Want to try the WeVibe, but think the extra $50 for the 3 is a bit too much? Don’t worry! We still carry the WeVibe II.

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