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Americans are obsessed with size and frankly, it’s getting a little tired. Certainly there are reasons for it – if nothing succeeds like excess then it makes sense that amplitude of everything from our cars to our breasts to our Big Gulps to our waists to our phones end up being a subject of interest or exaggeration.  There is one thing, though, the size of which I get tired of seeing attended to (besides women) and that is the penis. 

When we say that size doesn’t matter we’re not being nice. It’s just true. The penis-car comparison is made a lot, i.e., if a guy drives a Hummer he might be overcompensating for a perceived shortfall…well, the comparison works in that there’s no question that a Honda will get you where you want to go as well as an ATV….possibly more happily, depending on the driver. 

For openers, let’s take the vagina. A sensitive place, yes, but 90% of its nerve endings are right near the opening, in the first third of a space that’s 3-5 inches long. It can expand with arousal but we’re still talking about 90% of the sensitivity being at the front. If you were to go to a party and 90% of the guests were in the foyer, you probably wouldn’t have a chance to worry about getting to the backyard. 

Second, penis-vagina sex is not the only kind of sex there is. It counts, but there’s also oral, manual and there are numerous other body parts to be doted on and ways to stimulate them. The more time and chances you take to explore lots of options the more openness and trust develops and the more fun everything you do together is going to be.

If you want to experiment in seeing whether it makes any difference, there are penis enhancers that can be fun for both partners to play with and play is the important thing: remember, neither one of you should feel like it’s another job. 

Finally, the cliches are true: it’s not the length of the wand, it’s who’s waving it that counts. Once the chemistry spell has been cast (this has been my experience) they will not see the things culture has capriciously decided are flaws, even where you, as the lovee, see them in yourself. Looking at TV one could get the idea that happiness is limited to the young, beautiful and optimally-shaped but if you look at real  life you will see all kinds of people who don’t fit that mold out on dates, holding hands and otherwise unable to keep their mitts off each other. I’d be willing to bet none of them are perfect.         

So whatever you think your short comings are, remember you don’t have to be just-right, just right for that one person. Isn’t it a good bet you have a head start there already?