The TSA Knows That’s a Vibe and They Don’t Care

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Recently I read an article where a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) agent discussed inspection of sex toys in luggage during airport screenings. Basically the agent said if you don’t want it inspected don’t pack it or bring it on your trip. If it is in your suitcase, it will be inspected just like any other item.

While I know TSA agents have probably seen every type of item come through the conveyor belts and x-ray machines, and nothing shocks them, I was happy to see the agent normalizing sex toys as just another item people pack and not a big deal.

It got me thinking about the first sexuality conference I went to just two weeks after 9/11. One of the great things about these conferences is the freebies and wholesale items we can get and often my suitcase has returned to my home overflowing.  However, after 9/11 everyone was on edge about airport security for obvious reasons and I remember thinking that the tiny vibrators I had packed in my suitcase must look like little missiles on the x-rays and I kept wondering if I would be stopped by security for questioning.  Then I thought about the three hundred or so other sex educators flying out of the same airport that day with the same stuff in their luggage and couldn’t help but smile at the though that the airport was going to have a real sex toy epidemic on their hands, wondering if the TSA agents would be puzzled about why on this particular day so many people were coming through with sex toys in their bags.

I have often wondered how many people going on vacation forgo taking their sex toys out of embarrassment or fear of what security personnel might say. The comment from the TSA agent was very validating for a couple reasons. First, it normalized sex toys as just another item people pack for trips and second, it was made clear that TSA agents have no problem or embarrassment with finding them in luggage or inspecting them like any other item. It is all part of the job.

Vacation sex is important, whether by yourself or with your partner. Vacations are a time of getting away from it all, relaxing without the daily distractions and stress. Vacations are a great time to have lots of sex, reconnect with your partner or maybe meet someone for a vacation fling. Since we already know that sex toys are a great enhancement to sex, the attitude of the TSA is great news. With all the other hassles associated with flying these days it is nice to know there is one positive. So next time you plan on embarking on a flight don’t hesitate to take advantage of the friendly skies and pack your favorite toys and if the agents ask you what you have in your bag say it loud and proud, “Those are my sex toys!”

*Traveling with others and want to keep your sex toys discreet? Check our our top 10 sex toys in disguise.*

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