Carbon Neutral Lingerie

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Green lingerie. Initially it sounds like something you’d think of as a flirty little accessory for St. Patrick’s Day. These days, though, green has grown beyond a color to become a way of life and British retail company Marks & Spencer is providing the perfect undergarments to go with the new environmental consciousness: carbon neutral lingerie.

The garments are made in a factory in Sri Lanka where all power comes from either hydroelectricity (and low energy light bulbs) or solar panels and low energy light bulbs, reducing the carbon emissions of the factory by 33% compared to similar types of factories according to Green Diary.

In an effort to make up for the other 77% Marks & Spencer is planting 6000 trees each year which are native to Sri Lanka. Some of the trees will be lucrative for local farmers in the forms of fruit or timber while others will facilitate the movement of species native to local forests.

M&S will be looking towards making more carbon neutral clothing. Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business for the company was quoted as saying “We don’t want green, eco-friendly products to be in a ghetto in the corner, we should be making all products more environmentally friendly,”

So it looks good on the environment. But will it look good on you?

Actually, yes. Check out  the M&S catalog Autugraph Leaves Collection page and you’ll see a whole range of lingerie that’s lacey, lovely and looks as supportive of the body as it is of the land. They’ve made pieces from “brazilian knickers” to an environmentally correct garter belt and a wonderful-looking push-up bra, for goodness sake. You can click more pics here for different views.

It looks like white is the only color it comes in but the prettiness and progressive thinking make the choice of sustainability a bit more important than the choice of color. Besides, white always looks better when it’s green.

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