Save Your Furniture from Messy Sex

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Have you ever been in the heat of the moment and had sex on the couch only to notice that stain you created afterward? Have you had sex on freshly washed sheets and found that you needed to wash them again right away? What about sex on your period when you put a towel under you only to find out afterward that you soaked through it? Are you a female ejaculator who always ends up sleeping in the wet spot? Do you enjoy playing with chocolate syrup  in the bed but hate that it drips all over the place? Does your lube seem to end up everywhere?

Sex can be messy, but don’t let the mess detract from your fun. One of our favorite products is the Fascinator Leopard Throe because it’s a blanket you can throw down to soak up all of your messes. You can pour an entire glass of water on this thing and whatever is underneath will still stay dry! Plus it’s machine washable so it’s really easy to take care of.

And to add to the fun one side is a super soft lush microfiber that feels decadent and warm on your bare skin. The other is a smooth sleek satin perfect for warmer months. At 4’x5′ you’ll have plenty of room to roll around, have fun, and get as messy as you like.

Get your Fascinator Leopard Throe today and save your furniture tomorrow. Plus, if you order thru Saturday you can get free super saver shipping when you use promo code FRSSVR.

One thought on “Save Your Furniture from Messy Sex

  1. I recently posted a review of the Fascinator Leopard Throe on my blog, and I do have to agree with this post; it’s a great furniture saver. I’ve been using it a lot this week for my own solo romps so that my husband won’t know what I’ve been up to while he’s gone. Plus, it’s actually nice to just drape over the couch for lounging or if I’m writing reviews, too. The softness and warmth of the microfiber make things nice and cozy. Definitely recommended!

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