The Joy of Online Sex Toy Shopping

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I recently relocated from a 14 year stint in a major American East Coast city back to my small mid-western hometown. There are a lot of positives about living here. The cost of living is a lot less; I have reconnected with old friends and made new ones and have become involved in my community.

Unfortunately, one of the first things I noticed to be missing around here is a quality sex toy store. This is a conservative area and the one place I found has to market itself as a “lingerie and batchelorette” store.  I was downright shocked when the clerk did not know what a Hitachi Magic Wand was. As I explained to her that it is known as the Cadillac of vibrators, I thought back to my former city and the multitude of sex toys stores one could visit with a knowledgeable staff.

I know my small town is not the only area in the country to suffer from “sextoyitis”. There must be a multitude of small towns, or conservative areas that do not offer sales of adult toys. I am sure the men can get Viagra at the pharmacy but sex toys-no way.

Fortunately for me and all the other small towners out there, the internet was invented and with it came the brilliance of selling sex toys online. Not only does this open up a whole new world for someone who has no other access to shopping for sex toys and related products, but for anyone, it allows ordering with complete privacy.

I know there are people in this area who would really like to go into the one store here and look around but embarrassment stops them. Online shopping is the antidote for that. Many places do not even put anything even related to sex on your credit card bill. Purchases are usually billed to a parent company with no sexual connotations in the name – MyPleasure’s is Sawhorse Enterprises. Discretion, privacy, and the knowledge that anyone can use the internet to spice up their sex lives are just a few of the positives of online shopping.

I think the biggest advantage to online shopping lies with the quality of the products available. Many retail stores carry more novelty items. If you want serious, high end and high quality products, you have to look online if you are not physically close to a high end sex toy store which are found predominantly in larger cities.

MyPleasure was actually one of my favorite online stores before I started writing for this blog. I have always been impressed with the quality and variety of their products and their willingness to look at sex toys in a refreshing way. For example, discussion of sex toys that are easier for someone with a disability to use, which toys are made of environmentally friendly components and frank, open discussion of how they are used for maximum pleasure. Most importantly to this sex educator, they include sex education as part of their website. It is not just about selling products, it is about genuinely wanting to educate people and help them find the way to healthy sexual pleasure.

If you have found your way to this blog, I hope you find your way to the MyPleasure online store, especially if you are in an area where sex toys and other enhancement products are hard to come by. You will be glad you did!

One thought on “The Joy of Online Sex Toy Shopping

  1. I totally agree with you, if you want to get quality sex toys then you have to go one line, although there are some good sex toy stores in the bigger towns for ease of use and discreet shopping I would stick to the internet. That is what I always do anyway.

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