Special Techniques for the Uncircumcised Penis?

Q&A with Dr. Gardos, Sex Tips

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My boyfriend is uncircumcised — are there any special techniques or considerations I should keep in mind when we’re having sex?


As fewer and fewer parents choose to have their sons circumcised, this is going to be a more common concern. Luckily, there is really not much difference between having sex with an uncircumcised or a circumcised man. When an uncircumcised man becomes erect, the foreskin generally pulls back and his penis looks and functions no differently.

Probably the only vital distinction is that it is important to pull the foreskin back when putting on a condom. Otherwise the condom could wind up on the inside of the foreskin, which would reduce sensitivity and effectiveness and also be rather uncomfortable.

The other situation in which it is good to be aware of the difference is during oral sex (fellatio) and manual stimulation (“hand jobs”). Some uncircumcised men prefer that the foreskin slide over the head of the penis during various forms of sexual stimulation. Other men prefer that their partner pull back the foreskin while stimulating them. It may also vary by type of sensation, so that the same man who likes his foreskin pulled back during oral sex may not want that with manual stimulation. As with most sexual situations, the best idea is to ask your boyfriend what he likes.

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3 thoughts on “Special Techniques for the Uncircumcised Penis?

  1. “Luckily, there is really not much difference between having sex with an uncircumcised or a circumcised man.”

    That statement is not entirely true. The gliding action of the foreskin changes the dynamics of sex. There is even a New England Medical Association study that found that sex with circumcised men often results in vaginal dryness and soreness for the woman. If the man is circumcised, the couple likely has to use lube, but sex with an intact man does not typically require lube because the foreskin keeps the wetness inside the vagina.

    I was circumcised as a baby and I restored my foreskin. I know the difference between sex when circumcised and sex with a foreskin, even a restored one. It is much better for both of us when there is a foreskin.

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