$1,000 MyPleasure Shopping Spree


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What would you do if you had $1,000 to spend on sex toys? Would you buy all the luxury items you could (You could buy every Lelo Toy we carry and still have enough leftover to buy a couple  Jimmyjane vibrators)? Or would you stock up on a few of your favorite toys making sure that you never ever run out? Would you keep all of the toys to yourself or would you gift some to your bestest friends? Do you think you could even spend that much money on sex toys in one day? Would you skip the sex toys all together and go for the lingerie, massage oils, lubricants, and several years supply of condoms? Would you create the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day by ordering everything to surprise your sweety with? Or would you make it a special VDay treat to pick out $1,000 worth of goodies together? What would your strategy be?

Well we want to know. Tell us how you would spend $1,000 on our website in a single day for your chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree.

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog telling us your strategy for spending $1,000 on our website in a single day. 1 pt
  2. Tweet about the contest once daily making sure to include a link to the contest and our twitter handle @My_Pleasure. Example: “What would you do w $1000 worth of sex toys? @My_Pleasure wants to know http://om.ly/BLLMS“. Leave a comment with a link to your tweet. 1 pt
  3. Post on our Facebook wall telling us your strategy for spending $1,000 on our website in a single day. What would you get? Leave a comment with a link to your post. 1 pt  
  4. Write a blog post telling your readers about our contest (include a link) and how you would spend $1,000 on our site. This can be an itemized list or just a strategy for what types of products you’ll order. Or just what you’d do with $1,000 worth of sex toys at your command – make a robot? Comment with a link to your blog post. 5 pts
  5. Make a video and post it on YouTube telling the world why you want to win our $1,000 shopping spree and what you would do with that many sex toys. Don’t forget to tell viewers about MyPleasure and where they can find the contest. Leave a comment with a link to your video. 5 pts


  1. Contest open to US residents 18+ only. Prizes can only be shipped within the US.
  2. Contest ends 2/9/11 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be picked the following day by random number generator.
  3. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked. Check your junkmail!
  4. Once winner is notified and receives shopping spree code they will have 30 days to use the code. Code can only be used during one transaction.
  5. Items purchased through shopping spree code must be listed as in stock on MyPleasure.com
  6. Free gift with purchase will not be available when using $1,000 shopping spree code even if it appears in cart at time of checkout.
  7. No returns or exchanges on items purchased with shopping spree code will be accepted unless items are defective within 30 days.
  8. Prize cannot be used to purchase gift certificates.
  9. Prize cannot be sold or transferred.

Good luck everyone!

275 thoughts on “$1,000 MyPleasure Shopping Spree

  1. If i was to win $1000 to spend on your site I would by at least 2 items from each category & then go back to each page and order one thing off each until it added up to the dollar amount. I would then when i receive everything, go through all of it with my Hubby and keep the things that interest both of us. (A happy sex life is a tricky one but you have to be open and willing to try new things, and listen to each others wants, needs and desires). After we chose which items to keep for our pleasure, i would gift the other items to my friends as anniversary or bridal, birthday gifts etc. Why should i keep all the wonderful pleasure and treasure to myself! Everyone deserves to be HAPPY (if u know what i mean).


    1. If i won the $1,000 shopping spree @ MyPleasure first i’d have to recover from shock and i’d have to get busy on making an invitation. Why you ask….Well i’d buy not only a few new things to spice up my sex life because let’s face it there’s always something new and exciting out there to try! ;-) I’d have a huge get together for all my friends and some family that i know would benefit from it. I’d buy many items to give as favors, door prizes, prizes for games,etc. What a better way to spend money then one those who care about you and wouldn’t have the chance otherwise !!! I’d get myself and my hubby some pre-valentine’s gifts then party, party, party.. A great way to get together with everyone, laugh, eat, learn and also mention many things about the MyPleasure website! I’m sure it would take awhile but i could definitely spend the money in one day. Thanks!!


  2. If I won $1,000 shopping spree at MyPleasure I would first purchase a new lingerie collection to celebrate my “hotter” body from losing those last few pounds! I would then buy some new “toys” to add to my collection, especially the Selene, and have hubs chose 1 or 2 for us to try out! I might be generous and give a gift to my BFF, who’s going through a divorce and could use a new “friend” :)


  3. Holy wow! $1000?? I would buy all the Tantus toys, plenty of BDSM gear (all the KinkLab swag!), several new glass dildos, a back up Hitachi Magic Wand (maybe two) a Fun Wand, several Jimmy Jane toys (form 2!), LELO toys aplenty, some new jack-off sleeve for the guy, cock rings (TOR!) some kegal strengthening toys…and then I’d just shop around and buy whatever else grabbed my interest until I hit one grand. I’d probably buy some gifties for a couple friends too. A grand for sex toys?? Wow wow wow. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be *too* hard though!

    thecenterofvenus at gmail dot com

  4. I would start with stocking up on lingerie, probably one of almost everything! And then throw in a few high-end toys like the Isla that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise!

  5. I would do my research beforehand, searching for the best products, and attempting to get the total as close as possible to $1000 exactly. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

    glycinemax at gmail dot com

  6. Oh my I think I would get one or two fabulous items in each category. With 1,000 the options are endless. My strategy would be to start in the first category and make my way down the list. I would put everything I like in my shopping cart and not look back until I see $1,000 or more in my cart. :) Definitely would try things that I might not have purchased before.

  7. Holy cow with $1,000 I could buy so many things that I’ve been wanting so bad! I could buy the Alia and Isla from Lelo, the afterglow candle, Iconic Rabbit and Form 6 from Jimmyjane, the heart wedge AND The leopard throw, the Vanta from Discreet, and the Hitachi Magic Wand and still have a little bit left over!

    Yes I did already know exactly what I would spend it on. LOL

  8. $1000 to spend on MyPleasure…I swoon! I would buy all the super high-end toys I’ve been eying for so long. I’d go crazy on the boy toys for my man. I’d definitely include him in choosing items because we love to shop together. I’m guessing he’d pick some lingerie for me. I’d get gifts for loved ones too. Gotta share the wealth! The sad thing is, I could totally spend that money in a flash…

  9. Oh I’ve got this all figured out! I would definitely get a Liberator Wedge, Sex And The City Collection, Platinum Jack Rabbit, Hummingbird Pleaser, Aneros MGX, LAYAspot, and a Iris.

    This would leave me roughly 5 bucks…so I probably should pick up some lube!


  10. Mmmm… $1,000 to spend on pleasure at MyPleasure? Heaven. I’d definitely go for some of the Lelo toys I’ve been craving. I’d likely pick up a few of the new body-friendly Jopen line. Beside that, I’d pick up a handful of Hitachi Magic Wands, and give ’em out to my besties!

    mistress.arabella at gmail dot com

  11. Sharing w/friends seems like a grand way to burn through a grand.. but with whom am I that friendly? Perhaps DW could enlist a GF or two, but I’d not have that option – a guy thing, I s’pose.

  12. If I had $1000 to spend at mypleasure.com, my girlfriend and I would purchase all the toys we have been dying to try out. Then we would have a blast buying all sorts of gifts for our friends…things that you know they want, but are too shy to buy for themselves…so much fun!!!

  13. Wow with $1,000 in sex toys I’d be a very happy woman! hehe. My top buys would be:
    Mr. Realistic
    Hitachi Magic Wand
    Heart Double Slapper
    Tweezer Nipple Clamps
    Afterglow Toy Tissues 20 Pack (Id buy a number of these!)
    Form 6
    and some high end toys duh!
    As well as a few toys for my guy :)
    I would also get a few items for future gifts.

  14. New lingerie as a reward for working hard on losing weight…and enough presents to make sure me and all my single girlfriends are happy in 2011 (with or without guys!)

  15. OK, Looked through the site, haven’t added everything up but who’s counting?
    1. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Captivator.asp
    the captivator is the best masturbation sleeve I have ever used, also the cheapest…
    2. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Tenga-Lip-Service-6.0.asp
    I have wanted to try any of the tenga/tenga egg products… I like the idea of disposable maturbation devices (the eggs) but also like the thought and engineering that goes into the design of each tenga product
    3. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-C–Sling.asp
    C sling = more fun for me!
    4. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Double-Diver.asp
    My “go to” move has always been to slip the first joint of my thumb into her ass during penetration while massaging her clit with the other hand… this little baby just freed up a hand!
    5. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Men's-Pleasure-Wand.asp
    Pleasure wand
    Some times it is all about me…
    6. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Hot-Rod-Enhancer.asp
    Hot Rod Sleeve
    I don’t “get” sleeves that cover the head of the penis… this would increase girth and add a bumpy ridge… sounds like fun all around
    I can use a leather paddle and the mask with the closeable eye holes… and it’s on sale now… I’ll probably but this one before the contest is over but I’d take a second one for my “kit”
    8. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Pjur-Analyse-Me.asp
    Pur silicon lube
    I like the Pur lubes
    9. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Climax-H2O.asp
    climax H2O lube
    a bottle that doesn’t leak? will have to see to believe…
    10. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Heart-Wedge.asp
    Heart Wedge
    I didn’t see the Liberator Esse here but foam positioning pieces are always welcome
    11. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Fascinator-Leopard-Throe.asp
    Fascinator Throe
    Have one like this, probably the toy we use the most. Now, no one has to sleep on the wet spot! I’d like 2 more of theese please
    12. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Selene.asp
    I have been wanting to explore with the clitoral/nipple pumps…
    13. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Vibrating-Silicone-Rose.asp
    Silicone rose
    flexible shaft, pleasant to look at, sounds like a winner
    14. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Urja.asp
    Insert-able hourglass shape… pair it with a hitachi on the outside?
    15. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-WeVibe.asp
    want two of these! fun for her/fun for me this has to be the picture in the dictionary for the definition of win/win
    16. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Remote-Venus-Butterfly.asp
    remote venus butterfly
    “Whose your friend, whose your buddy? I am, aren’t I?”
    17. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Aneros-MGX.asp
    once again, because some times it is just about me….
    18. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Njoy-Fun-Wand.asp
    Njoy fun wand
    Because the Pure wand is the second best toy I have ever used on a woman (Hitachi is number 1) I would use/own/recommend anything by Njoy… shame the pure wand and the eleven aren’t here too
    19. http://www.mypleasure.com/Sex-Toy-Remote–Controlled-Vibrating-Egg.asp
    remote eggs
    And any remainder of the $1000 on as many of these puppies as I can afford… because I know (from experience) that they all use the same frequency, so imagine several women in the same room all with one tucked up tight against their clitoris and me with the one remote. Push a button and the whole room jumps!
    Hope this is what you were looking for.
    And thanks in advance!

  16. If I won, I would buy the following items from your site (I know just what I want!):

    LELO Insignia Isla

    Beyond One

    Vanity Vr9

    Liberator Fascinator Leopard Throe

    Jimmyjane Little Chroma, Form 6, Form 3, and Contour Q stones

    Lovemoiselle Juliane


  17. $1,000! Hmm, first I would check out the lingerie, because I’ve been losing weight and that would be an awesome incentive to lose even more weight.
    Then I would definitely get at least 6 months worth of condoms.
    The fun vibrators would be next! I’d definitely hit the Lelo toys! I would love for hubby to pick out some toys too.
    I would totally share the love! My BFF would have to come over to help me shop, she just got married and didn’t have a bridal shower – so she could pick out her own gifts!

  18. I would start with Lelo….my absolute favorite!!! Then shop the Liberator section…then hit up lingerie…..then just click on every category shopping and picking out gifts for my bestie too!!

    Ginasweepsit at aol dot com

  19. If I won, the first thing I’d do would be flip out because of the sheer awesomeness of winning such a prize. I’d order some premium toys, such as the Soraya and the Tor (for my man). I’d get several pieces of lingerie, some nice massage oils, and some books as well. If I had money left to spend, I might be generous and let a good friend pick out something too.

  20. My strategy would definitely involve a spread sheet. I would list items and they’re price and make combinations to try and maximize what I order. I know some items that I would probably have to get would be a Form 3, a Form 2, a Lelo Gigi, and a Julianne G-Spot Vibe. I would also pick up a hand full of books and lubes and who knows what other fun goodies I might find.

  21. i’d make my list right now! (although it is not good to count your money when you aint got it yet, this is an exception where you really have to prepare.)

    p spot stimulators, a few vibes, some couples toys, perfect way to get into some bdsm/kink play!

  22. How would I spend $1000? I’d get an Eroscillator because it sounds interesting, I have wanted one but am afraid to drop the dough in case I hate it! I’d grab some Liberator gear, JimmyJane massage stones and candles, the Stockroom bow cuffs, fun wand, tengas for the hubby, a little su and a couple other items.

  23. $1000 strategy: I’ll look around the site before the winner is announced to see what I like best. Then FILL MY CART…let my pleasures be fulfilled with one click of the checkout button. I normally would never run a $1000 bill, but this time I think I could do it and it would be my pleasure!!

  24. I would buy about every lube, massage oil and toys for him and her and all the sexy little cloths i could. My wife would have a valentines she would never forget. our love life would never be boring again. I would then talk to all my friends and get them all something to try. So then they would be my pleasure shoppers like me happy as could be!

  25. If I won the $1,000 MyPleasure Shopping Spree I wouldn’t be able to spend it all on myself! I think I would get everyone in my family a toy (even my mom).

    You know I’m the blacksheep in this family ;)

  26. Me and my husband would pick out all the goodies to fulfill each others fantasies, get more LELO (cant have enough!) and some massage oils and tools for Valentines Day.

  27. Well, I would definitely get TONS of variety…from rabbits, to wands, to glass to couples toys, and I would even get some naughty lingerie and different lubes as well. We just had our 2nd baby in 12 months, and could definitely use something to help spice our marriage back up amidst all of the poopy diapers, spit up, and sleepless nights! Thanks so much for the chance!

  28. Oh,I would create the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day by ordering everything to surprise my sweety!
    What a delight that would be!

  29. Wow this is by far the best contest andy Adult Toy Company heck any company has had on the internet. If I won $1,000 shopping spree at MyPleasur. Of course I will get myself the luxury toys that I have been wanting like the Form 2 as well as the Zara, WeVibe and other Premium toys. I will also get myself a Hitachi and I will get one for my mom to hope that she will stumble upon what the Hitachi is really great for ;) (no my mom doesn’t know about my naughty). After getting my top coveted toys including harnesses and several dildos (definitely both Silk ones) then I will move on to getting accessories like lube, Liberator wedge, After Glow Tissues, candles by Jimmy Jane, toy cleaners, message oils, Fascinator Leopard Throe, Condoms, Condom Cubes, both type of chocolate paint for the body, arousal gels, nipple nibblers the foot rest and handle for the shower and definitely the Door Jam Sex sling. Speaking of sling I also need to get my Bongade gear, I will get the pink and black cuffs though I think a guy will look extra hot in pink cuffs and nipple klamps and blue mesh shorts. Yes lingerie is another must get. Also must get toys for my sweeties such as pumps, Tenga toys, cock rings, and I can’t forget their booties. Finally I will get gift certificates for a few (cousins & siblings) and friends along with Condom cubes I think everyone especially single should have a convenient place for their condoms.

  30. I think I would go with the total chaos method and put everything I ever wanted and then some in the cart – I am sure my total would be way more than 1K (MyPleasure is hot)!
    Then I would go through and delete the things I could live without for a little while…..


  31. Oh, I could easily go through $1000 in one day. In fact, I’d have that cash spent in under an hour. I love luxury sex toys and have very expensive taste! Lelo Siri, Gigi, and Mona are all at the top of my wish list, and then I would get one of each of those new Jopen Vanity vibes, since I’m terrible at making decisions and really need to try them all anyway. With what’s left over I’d get something from Tantus, probably the Purple Haze Silk, and stock up on lube. I’ve been wanting to try the Sliquid Organics Natural.

  32. I think I’d spend most of the $1000 in the vibrator section, but I’d try to get at least one item from almost every section of the MyPleasure website. The Hitachi Magic Wand, Jimmyjane Form 3, and the Liberator Heart Wedge would be my first items to add to my cart! I’d also give my husband $100-$200, in case there were any toys he’d like to try, either for himself or on me!

  33. If I was to win $1,000 shopping spree from your site I don’t know what I’ll spend it on. Maybe something of everything. I have always wanted to try sex toys but was always ashamed. Now I am ready to step up and try them out.

  34. After being married for 16 years and having 3 kids from 6th – 9th grade, we decided 2011 required Scheduled Date Nights- so that we can plan sex.
    I would love to win the $1000 gift package. I have to be honest that I would want my husband in on the giveaway success. I would want to make it part of our date night to plan items to purchase to ignite the fire in our relationship.

  35. If I won the $1000 shopping spree I would be greedy, to be honest. I would love to stock up on lingerie and get one of every category of sex toy. I don’t have a significant other to “share” the prize with, but does that really matter? Being able to please yourself is the best way to help others learn how to please you as well. :)

  36. oh wow, I’d have lots of fun shopping. Jack Rabbit, aqua arouser, adonis, hypnotic, k balls, rose, remote control egg, violet rapture, helix glass dildo, hidden pleasures, self pleasurer, hummingbird pleaser, devilish dolphin, blue keychain vibe, some couples kits and games, redvolution kid, mens solo kit……………. I would get so much great stuff. no idea how much all this adds up to but I definitely spend the full $1000 and get so much out of it.

  37. If I won $1000, I would spend about half on myself, getting the things I’ve been curious about but couldn’t afford, like the We-Vibe II. Then I’d treat my friends to the things they’ve been wanting. And if there’s anything left after that, I’ll buy lube to go with all the toys!

  38. If I won Id you ,after recovering from the shock, I would probably go about things like so:

    Since I’m a male bodied individual first I’d take a stroll through the men’s toy department. I’d probably pick up:

    The Lelo Thor cock ring: $99
    Tantus C-sling $34.95
    C-ring $24.95

    Total so far $158.90

    So if I won where would I go after getting three new cock rings. Getting three new JimmyJane vibrators of course.!

    The From 3: $149.95
    The From 2: $139.95
    The From 6: $184.95

    bring up the total to $633.75.

    Up next a trip to the insertable section where I’d pick up

    The njoy Fun wand: $119.95
    Vamp Dildo: $49.95

    Which brings us up to $803.65

    Now what good are sex toy if you aren’t in the mood. So to round out the spree some items to set the mood
    Little Afterglow Sampler $59.95
    Contour I and Beyond Sensory Set: $44.95

    Bring us to 908.55, the reminder of the cash I’d spend on lube got to have lube with that many new toys.

  39. If I had $1000 to spend on sex toys…I would finally purchase all the luxury items that I can never afford! Jimmyjane’s Form 3 would finally be mine and I’d treat myself to the Little Afterglow sampler. I’d get the boyfriend a new Fleshlight and a Tenga Fliphole. I’d stock up on lube and lotion and all kinds of goodies!

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