Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Guest Bloggers, Valentine's Day

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Most holidays revolve around tradition: the tree at Christmas, the turkey at Thanksgiving, the fireworks on the Fourth of July. There’s a comfort there that’s part of what we value in a holiday.

Valentines Day has its traditions, too but the problem there is that passion and sameness don’t mix, in fact predictability is the Kryptonite of romance. All couples have some romantic touchstones (i.e. the restaurant where you were engaged, the place where you first kissed) and that’s certainly wonderful, but we’re talking about some alternatives to the scheduled dinner/present /sex routine. Because words “scheduled” and “routine” don’t get along with words like “torrid,” “hot,” and “romantic.”

Here are a few VDay game changers.

The Dinner. Personally I like the living room picnic. Get a blanket (or a pile of them, depending on whether you have a hard floor), don’t worry about spillage (“How am I going to clean that?” is an effective romance killer) and get some take out food. Make it light, like Thai or sushi. A little wine, a little food no one has to cook or clean up after, a little romantic music (don’t pull out the Barry White-level stuff until later; work up to it) and here’s the best part: you’re the only couple in the place. This means the transition from dinner to kissing to making out to foreplay can be instant and doesn’t require a change of venue. If you even make it to dessert, make it something small and light. The close intimacy, though, will be more likely to have you nibbling on each other before you make it to the sweets course.

The candy box The giant heart shaped box of chocolates is the number one Valentines Day symbol but it has its drawbacks. It’s predictable and a lot of people might not want to eat that much chocolate. “Comes with free guilt!” is a bad gift tag line.

Get the box, take out the chocolates and put something in there that does not come with a side of inner conflict. Gift cards. Lingerie. Plane tickets. Mad Libs. DVDs. Cash. Whatever you can fit in the box that your honey will like and not expect (and save the chocolates. You can share them later and enjoy them more at your leisure). MyPleasure carries 2 sexy gift sets housed in just such a box that will lend themselves well to the next item …

Sex. Valentines Day falls on a Monday this year so many couples will celebrate it on the weekend. It will be expected. So you’ll do yours when it’s not.

On the Wednesday or Thursday before surprise them with champagne and a bedroom kitted out for a romance night (flavored lube, costume changes, handcuffs, whatever your delight is), but clearly make it about Valentines Day. The surprise will be romantic …and then you can celebrate again on the 14th.

The great thing about this one is that any day you do it before Valentines Day will work. You could do it February 13. Or February 9. Or tonight. What are you waiting for?

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