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Too many folks let the importance of romance and spending time together fall by the way side. We are busy folks with busy lives.  MyPleasure wants to help you get back in the swing of things of finding time for yourself and your partner. 

So how do we do this?  We offer you a great incentive to reconnect with the passion in your life.  What’s the incentive – a happy and orgasmic you, oh and great prizes.  This contest is for everyone.  If you post on our FB wall with how you make romance important you are in.  If you post a comment on our blog you are in.  If you tweet with our hashtag (#maketime4love) you are in.  If you post on your blog you are in.  If you make a video you are in. Everyone has a chance to take part and let us know how you make romance a priority in your busy life.

What you’ll win: The Ultimate Romance Kit which has pretty much everything you’ll need for a romantic evening this Valentine’s Day (and many more days) plus a MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket. Together these items are valued at over $300.

How to enter:

1. On our facebook wall tell us how you make time for romance. 1pt

2. Comment on this post with how important romance is for you and how you make time for it. 1 pt

3. Tweet once per day telling your followers how you make romance a priority and include our hashtag #maketime4love.  Ex: I always give my partner a kiss on my way out the door #maketime4love – Each tweet must be a different tip.  1 pt

4. Write a blog post about how you make romance a priority and link to this post. 3 pts

5. Make a video and post it on YouTube telling people how you make romance a priority during your busy schedule and don’t forget to mention the contest and where people can find it. 5 pts


1. You must be 18+ and a US resident to enter the contest.

2. MyPleasure employees and contractors are not elligible.

3. Contest will run through 11:59 PM PST 1/23/11 and a winner will be announced by 1/25/11.

4. Winners will be determined by random number generator. The more times you enter, the more chances there are to win.

So tell us, how do you make romance a priority?

PS: Don’t forget to enter the SexToyDay contest to win the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift (WeVibe, massage candle, scented rose petals, and a bottle of silky lube). That one ends this Saturday!

32 thoughts on “Make Romance a Priority Contest

  1. romance can sometimes be hard to find with busy schedules, but when it is found and remembered often, the busy schedule somehow becomes easier.

  2. Romance is a very important part of my relationship. We are best friends who truly enjoy being with each other. We still go on dates and made a vow to never go to sleep angry.

  3. Now that we have a little one along with the normal stresses of life its hard to find time for romance but we have recently started making time for us wheither its going out to a movie or making a special dinner just for us while baby is sleeping.

  4. Romance is very important to me. What romance means to me might be a bit simplistic, compared to what others consider romance though. What romance is to me is simply taking the time to emotionally connect with one’s partner. It can take many forms, so long as you are giving the other person your undivided attention.

    The way you make time for it is to simply prioritize it. Everyone’s schedule is busy, but we all seem to be able to make time for the things we NEED to do. Well, it is important to prioritize romance as something that you NEED to do – a healthy relationship depends upon that personal connection, after all.

    Romance can be scheduled nightly – for even just a 30 minute session every single night of the week. This could mean simply cuddling while you talk about your day, taking the time to reconnect. And you can schedule longer (and more sensual) date nights less frequently – just make sure that you DO schedule them and follow through with them.

    And never fail to seize the opportunity for some spontaneous romance either!


  5. Great contest! I’ve wanted this thing for a long time. Romance is important to us because it’s what bonds us between just friends and being lovers. Sex isn’t really our usual “romance”. Instead, we regularly go to bed extra early and curl up together and talk about what we’d like in our future. In fact, yesterday, we were talking about what we’d want our new house to look like when we grew up. It’s no-cost, includes cuddling, and makes us look towards our future together.

  6. Romance is very important in any relationship. Without romance, i don’t see how you can really be in LOVE. To me romance is not only dictated by what you do together but it’s also a feeling. My partner and i try to be romantic and creative in anyway we can. Picnics, Walks on the beach, baths/showers by candle-lite together, dinner and wine and even just cuddling together. We make sure we set aside a few days each month to get some alone time and just take it from there. Sometimes the best romantic situations are unplanned. ;)

  7. Romance is important to me. Here in college, my friends kind of make fun of the fact I don’t go as far as they do, but that’s because when I think romance, I have a particular person in mind. And when we are ready to take that step, boy will it be romantic.

  8. Romance is so important to me! My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly 5 years, and are both finishing up our bachelor’s degrees as different schools, so we don’t see each other at all during the week and only sometimes during the weekends. On days we don’t see eachother, we make it a special point to text, and talk on the phone several times a day. The most important phone call for us is right before bed, when we can talk about our day, and say goodnight. When we are together, we make sure we spend lots of time cuddling and catching up, eating out, and doing whatever fun things we can while we are together. We both have huge stressors in our lives with school right now, so just taking the time to be there for eachother and remind eachother how much we love the other person is so important!

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