Study Shows Lube Makes it Better

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“Okay, ladies, your job is to use one of the lubes we assign to you for awhile and report back to us how pleasurable or not it was. Ready? Go!”

How come you and I never get picked to participate in these studies?

Well, 2,453 lucky women did get to be in on exactly this research at Indiana University in a study called

Association of Lubricant Use with Women’s Sexual Pleasure, Sexual Satisfaction and Genital Symptoms: A Prospective Daily Diary Study. Survey sez: They liked it!

Actually they liked it a lot and with good reason, reporting a great deal more pleasure and satisfaction, and “fewer genital symptoms and in particular fewer reports of genital pain – when they used a water-based lubricant,” according to of the water-based lubricants used was Astroglide, available at a click).

Among the findings about why the women used lubricant (which were reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in November), 70% used it for vagnial or anal intercourse and 60% during masturbation to make the experience “more pleasureable,” says and a “sizeable portion,” used it to avoid tearing especially during anal intercourse. The best bit: more than a third of the time, women used it “because it was fun to do so.”

Don’t you just want to hear Sgt.’s Joe Friday saying that?

Indeed, it is fun to do so, and yet as is pointed out this is the largest study on the subject – there hasn’t been much research on it despite the fact that it’s certainly something people know about and is available in just about any drug store and definitely at MyPleasure. One wonders if there isn’t some negative association some people have with lubricants – that it’s ‘dirty’ or that it’s just for older women (one recalls the unforgettably funny lube conversation in Superbad – NSFW), which is exactly what makes a study like this so valuable, both for safety and pleasure: the knowledge that so many women enjoy lubricant opens the door for others to experiment with using it for the first time or trying several different varieties safer, more comfortable, satisfying, exciting sex.

The safer, more comfortable part is because fewer vaginal tears during sex reduce the chance for transmission of infection, – vaginal tearing “occurred in less than 1 percent of vaginal intercourse events and genital pain was reported in less than 5 percent of intercourse acts when lubricant was used” says Science Daily. The satisfying, exciting part is ‘because it’s fun to do so.’

If you’re already using lube, then, it’s nice to know that you’re doing something good for your body and your sex life (and lube has long been recommended with condom use). If you’re not, it’s now scientifically recommendable to try.

For my part, having read on that the study included “Analyses of more than 10,000 acts of penile-vaginal intercourse, and more than 3,000 masturbation experiences,” I’m going to see how we can get in on one of these studies….helping science via sexual happiness sounds like fun, too.

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One thought on “Study Shows Lube Makes it Better

  1. We’ve been using silk for years. We both love it when we are by ourselves and when we are together. It feels great and it helps me last longer. That gives her a lot more time to cum!

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