Holiday Gift Guide Contest


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We here at MyPleasure want to see you all have a happy holiday and in order to do that we’ve been having crazy sales on amazing sex toys which we hope you’re enjoying. But that’s just not enough. We’re also going to do some big giveaways.

We’re pretty proud of our Holiday Gift Guide. Go give it a read if you haven’t yet and then come back for the contest. I’ll wait ….

Did you see stuff you wanted? Well now you could win it! We are going to give one item from each category away to one of you lucky lucky people. That’s 6 prizes! All you have to do is tell us why you want that toy and how it would make your holiday brighter.

How to enter:

Mandatory entry: Comment on this post telling us how your toy of choice would put you in the holiday mood. One comment per item for as many items as you want. 1 point each.

Optional entries to get more points:

  • Tweet about our little contest making sure to link to this post, mention our twitter handle @My_Pleasure, and don’t forget to tell us what you want. 1 tweet per day only for 1 bonus point per day. Comment here with a link to your tweet. Twitter account must be public.
  • Friend us on Facebook and leave a comment on our wall about why you want the toy you want and how it would fill you with holiday spirit. One comment per toy per day. If you only want one toy then only leave one comment. If you want 5 of the toys then leave one comment each day on each toy. 1 point per comment. Comment here with a link to your facebook post.
  • Blog about the contest telling your readers how the sex toy you want would brighten your holiday spirit. You can mention up to 3 sex toys that you want in the blog post. Comment here with a link to your blog post. 6 points. Points will be divided up into the toys you want. If you mention one toy it will get all 6 points, if you mention 2 then each will get 3 points etc.


  • You must reside in the US and be 18+.
  • Contest ends at 11:59PM PST 12/10/10
  • One prize per person
  • MyPleasure employees, contractors, and their families are not eligible.
  • Only products listed in the Holiday Gift Guide will be given away. This does not include links to other options.
  • Some prizes will be highly sought after, and therefore the chance of winning those will be lower as more people enter.
  • Points will be added up per toy per person. Each point will go towards the toy you requested and act as one entry towards that toy. Categories will be decided individually with the category receiving the most entries being picked first. Once you win a toy in a category you will not be eligible for any other category.

Have at it! And stay tuned for more contests! There’s going to be some doozies!

Image via mmlolek

223 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide Contest

  1. Oh, I would LOVE the Jimmyjane Form 3. I’ve seen the videos, read the reviews, and I’m convinced that I must have it. I’m a big fan of clitoral vibes, so nothing puts me in a happy mood better than an intense orgasm.

  2. I would love to win Pandora for my boyfriend. It’d put us in the holiday mood because we still haven’t managed to find pleasure from his prostate, so I’d love to have a toy that’s made for it.

  3. I want the Rechargable Infrared Massager; ‘cuz my boyfriend works in sales so with this I can help loosen his muscles without having to be connected to a while. Nice and convenient when he’s dealing with holiday shopping crowds!

  4. My toy of choice would be the Form 3. But really, how would this not put you in the holiday mood? My family is pretty intense for the holidays. Lots of food to make, plus tons of kids to hang all over me (apparently I’m the cool cousin). Plus my mother. So the Form 3 would be the best way to relax before hand to prepare for the madness as well as wind down afterwards.

  5. The Freestyle OhMiBod would be another way to reconnect with my sweetheart for our own holiday. He plays guitar and with the Freestyle it would allow him a unique way to please me for our own holiday celebration.

  6. For the holidays at my house we make a lot of candy, mostly chocolates or chocolate covered things. So what do I need to really celebrate the holidays? Well a Better Than Chocolate of course! I don’t think I could go wrong with some sweet pleasure after being sick of all the holiday sweets to really get in the holiday mood.

    I would like to win the Romantic Spa Kit for a romantic night in on New Year’s Eve. My husband works late that night and will want to just take it easy at home. This kit will be perfect to help him (er, US) relax and have some fun, ringing in the New Year right! ;)


    I would to win the Astrea II panty. It would really help get me in the mood for some after-holiday party fun with my husband. He would be the only one privy to my warm up while in public for some post-party fun!


    I would like to win the JimmyJane Form 3. It would really get my nerve endings tingling in anticipation for Santa’s appearance (who always appears wearing only a Santa hat and looking remarkably like my husband!).


    I would like to win the Tenga Squeeze for my husband. The holidays are such a squeeze on the budget, but while no man likes to have his finances squeezed, there are some things he just loves to have squeezed. This would help him relax and forget our financial struggles for a bit.


    I would like to win the Pandora Pulsating Vibrator for my husband. He enjoys prostate stimulation and it would be nice for him to have a vibrating prostate toy. This type of play helps him to relax — a definitely plus for getting more into the holiday cheer!


    I would like to win the Goodhead Sampler Pack. This would add to the fun of oral sex and definitely get us both in the mood for holiday cheer!


    I would like to win the Aneros for my husband, who has never tried a stimulator by this legendary brand. The release this type of toy would give him would definitely help him relax more for a deeper appreciation the holiday spirit.


  14. Please delete the above Tweet. I have deleted it on my account since I did not specify what I wanted to win. (Plus I made an error in the Tweet — I implied that my Twitter readers could find themselves to be one of the prizes that you are giving away, LOL!).

    Here is my new and improved Tweet: :)!/SSensualist/status/10861190334910465


  15. I would be happy to win any of these awesome prizes.. but if I have to choose I will go with the Gigi – I need some clit and g-spot stimulation. Would love to try this.

  16. All I want for Christmas is the Gigi! I strongly believe its thrummy vibrating excellence would harmonize perfectly with the seasonal music. :D

  17. An almost inexcusably cheesy poem to express my toy lust:

    A Form 3
    under the tree
    would fill me with glee,
    make me scream “Yippee!”
    so please MyPleasure Santa decree,
    in this wonderful holiday spree,
    that one winner is me!

    (Thank you very much, LOL~) >.<

  18. I’d love the Spin Me Game. The holidays are a little hectic around here, so this game would be a great way for my hubby and I to spice up the little time we can find for each other during December.

  19. I’d love to have the Form 3. With it’s rechargeable features, it could really get me in the mood thinking about all the batteries I will save!!

  20. Would love to have the Lelo Gigi. I have yet to find my g-spot, and having a great toy to help would be nice. Would make a nice Holiday present to myself if I were able to locate it!!

  21. I would LOVE to win the Lelo Gigi because I think that g-spot orgasms can put anyone in a holiday mood—even if it’s not a holiday!

  22. The Romantic Spa Kit would put me in the holiday mood because there’s nothing more romantic than being with that special someone on Christmas Eve under the tree, with only the tree lights on :)

  23. The Astrea II would put me in the holiday mood because I could get warmed up during dinner, for our mutual dessert afterwards :) Although I’m not sure I could trust him with the remote. LOL

  24. The Explore New Sensations would put me in the holiday mood because on a snowy day like today, this would be the perfect gift to have to pass the afternoon, evening, and next day away :)

  25. The Beginner’s Vibe Pleasure Kit would put me in the holiday mood because, well… I don’t own one. *hangs head down in shame*

  26. The Form 3 would put me in the holiday mood, because it’s better to give than receive, and I could give myself orgasms over and over again with this!

  27. The Tenga Squeeze Play would put him in the holiday mood because it would definitely be a different (and exciting!) sensation!

  28. The Gigi would put me in the holiday mood because the almost silent motor means I could use it discreetly. Plus it has rechargeable batteries!

  29. Mandatory entry 4: the Aneros would put me in a holiday mood because it white reminds me of snow although it shall go where no snow shall ever go and cause more white stuff to flow.

  30. Last year I received Lelo Iris for my Birthday which is 12 before Christmas and have since acquired Mia and Liv. I have always wanted Gigi just never had the money. Winning Gigi would not only brighten my Christmas but my birthday as well. I’ve been mostly stuck at home the last four months waiting on Dr.’s to decide how to proceed on treating an injury to my c-spine I think Gigi would definitely take my mind off the daily frustrations here.

  31. The Good Head gel sampler would put me in the holiday mood by helping me be a very giving girlfriend. Giving in five different flavors, in fact! ;)

  32. Well, I’d really like to get the Gigi. And yet I already have one! Want to know why? My best friend just ended her first long-term relationship and she’s coming back from it hard. I’d love the chance to give her something this holiday season to cheer her up and put her back in the mood!

  33. For myself, I’ve been eyeing the AstreaII. I’d love to hand over the controls to my Dom partner and let him take control! It would certainly bring a smile to my face when he comes to visit me over the break, and on my 21st birthday no less!

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