The Gift That Keeps Giving: Sex Toys for the Holidays

Sex Toy Shopping

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Most of us are a little selfish when it’s time to pick out gifts for our lovers … and for good reason. A happy lover is more likely to give back some of that happiness to us, whether it’s the reward of seeing their smile light up the room, or the enthusiasm (and manner) with which they say thank you. So, of course, sex toys rise up to the gift list; they’re the ultimate “mutual pleasure” present!

You may want to put a little more thought into buying a toy for your partner than you do when buying them something more mundane; sex is one of the most challenging topics for many of us to broach with our lovers, and we want to make sure that we’re sending a message along with our gift that shows them we appreciate them and want their pleasure as much, if not more so, than our own.

So, to help you give the perfect gift, in the perfect way, here are some suggestions to make sure that we get exactly the response we want when they tear the ribbons off:

Do suit the item to the recipient. A conservative woman trying to break out of her shell will likely appreciate an edible massage candle far more than an nJoy Eleven; likewise, a gent who likes it a little rough will not be thrilled when you get him a set of lovers dice and feather tickler.

Don’t give the gift in front of others – even if they’re your best friends. Everyone likes to have a little privacy when it comes to sex; having their friends know that they received a big pink butt plug, or a pair of nipple clamps, may be just a bit more than they’re comfortable with. Keep the peace, keep their privacy, and you may not lose your chance to enjoy them and their gift later that night!

Don’t give them the gift that you want…give them the gift they will enjoy. Often we get so caught up in our own fantasies that we subtly pressure our partners into trying it out (or continuing), and it sets up a negative feedback loop – so skip the sex sling that you’ve been drooling over (and can’t stop telling her about) and go with the sleek, sensual vibrator that she’s been lusting after. You never know – if you take care of their desires, they’ll likely be more interested in taking care of yours!

Do get them the best quality you can manage. Do your research into the toy – read reviews, check out the materials, look for warrantees (MyPleasure has a 1 year sex toy guarantee), and make sure the brand is reliable. It’s a holiday present, and as such, should be chosen with just as much thought as you select other gifts for them. Pick up something special, like a luxury vibrator or cock toy, or something that’s more beautiful & durable (say, a glass, metal, or wood toy rather than a plastic one).

Finally…don’t forget to take the time to wrap it perfectly (or tuck it into a gorgeous gift bag with their favorite color ribbons adorning it), slip a coupon inside promising them a night off from “the real world”, and wait for those starry-eyed smiles when they open the box.

Still not sure what to get? Check out our special holiday selections of our top toys for him, her, and couples. Or buy stocking stuffers early and save 40% thru the end of November.

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