Giving Back

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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We think that one of the important parts of running a business is being socially responsible by giving back to the community. We sponsor events, organizations, and donate to charities whenever we can.

Just in the past few months we’ve donated $100 to Scarleteen which provides comprehensive sex education to teens and young adults, donated 10% of prostate toy sales  in September to the Prostate Cancer Foundation totaling $140, donated 10% of pink ribbon boutique sales in October to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure totaling $440, helped to sponsor the Sex Bloggers Calendar which raises funds for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation which fights for human sexuality rights, we helped sponsor SSSS and gave free vibrators to everyone in attendance, we gave away 1,000 free vibrators for Sex Toy Day in order to help remove the taboo around sex toys and sexuality, and next month for the 5th year in a row our founder, Dr. Sandor Gardos, will be donating his time to the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes which works to help veterans who have been severely disabled.

If you’re looking to make a donation this year, please consider helping to fund one of the above organizations. Several of the organizations are tax deductible charities.

One thought on “Giving Back

  1. I absolutely agree with you on giving back to the community. I have to admit that I have a greedy part inside of me. I am not a role model. I want to be rich, and I want to buy a nice house and a car one day. But a part of me keeps telling me there are people who are in need of help. I started this business in June of this year and business isn’t doing good at all, and I want money just like everybody else. But “if” I get to a point where I can live comfortably, I want to be a person who can distinguish between “want” and “need”. Need is something I must have in order to make a living, but want is something that’s there only to satisfy my greed, something I don’t have to have. Instead, I can use the money for something better not only for me but for someone else or everybody else. At this point in my life, donation of $12/month to the animal rescue is all I can afford but in the future, I want to donate more.

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