Magnetic Lingerie

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You know you’re pretty sexually magnetic already. Now you can have that quality literally with bras and panties by Lingerie Dement, (a French-English online dictionary translates ‘dement’ to ‘mad’ or ‘insane’). The French company is now selling magnet lingerie – bras and panties literally held together with magnets.        Personally, I love the idea of the tear-away: what conveys desire more than literally ripping your clothes off to make yourself accessible to your lover’s touch? The only drawback is the price, which London’s Daily Mail quotes it as between 45 pounds for panties alone to 137 pounds for a silk set; that translates to between $45-$215 in US dollars (Lingerie Dement’s website is entirely in French).

Damn, but they are adorable, though! And while the Mail reports that the Charmant style will support larger cup sizes my 38D self is dubious of anything less than the scaffolding of underwire and hooks (I would invite gears and pulleys if they were available). If they’ll send me a freebie, though I’ll be delighted to give them a test drive (they’re only available online at a few Parisian and, strangely, Texan boutiques and at

Nonetheless, 80% of those who responded to the poll accompanying the NY Daily News story said they thought these drawers were tres jolie (self included). Indeed, the magnetic intimates and all the other items on Lingerie Dement’s website are every bit as lovely as you’d imagine French lingerie to be – delicate, uniquely designed and probably worth every Euro to those who can afford it.

For those who can’t I have to wonder…if you were merely using them as a sex costume for the tearaway effect (not to wear on the street) wouldn’t it be kind of easy to make some with a pair of inexpensive panties, a couple of magnets and a hot glue gun? Bank on some entrepreneurial sharpies to make knock-offs of this bright idea if they haven’t already…not to mention horny DIY types who will be heading to Michael’s Craft store after reading this with a much brighter gleam in their eye than usual.

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