How Much Masturbation is Too Much?

Q&A with Dr. Gardos

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How much masturbation is too much?


Pretty much every sex education textbook in the 1970s and 80s said that masturbation was fine as long as you didn’t do it “too much.” I am sure this led to millions of people desperately trying to figure out how much was “too much,” never getting an answer.

The reality is that there is no number I can give you. For some, once a day might be “too much,” while for others, ten times a day is fine. Whether you are with a partner or not has no bearing. What it all comes down to is context.

It is not about masturbation per se, it is about why you are doing it. If you are doing it as a way to give yourself pleasure, release stress, celebrate, or any number of healthy reasons, you can masturbate until the cows come home.

I do not subscribe to the notion of sexual addiction, but I do believe in compulsive sexual behavior. What you need to ask yourself is are you enjoying it when you masturbate, or are you doing it to avoid something. If you are able to eat, sleep, work, go out with friends, etc., then masturbate all you want. No need to worry or feel guilty. Enjoy!

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Dr. Sandor Gardos

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7 thoughts on “How Much Masturbation is Too Much?

  1. When I was about 20 y/o, I masturbated several times a day and seriously thought there was something wrong with me. Thinking about it now, I was absolutely fine. Now, in a way, I wish I could do it several times a day….not possible any more.

  2. I completely agree. As long as you are still able to function in the rest of your life and do not prefer masturbation to having sex with you partner, it is completely normal.

  3. My girlfriend started inserting one finger then two into her pussy while we fuck.
    It is termendously erotic and I love it. Please try three next time. We have been fucking for 14 years and it is great to find something new.

    She likes to feel both of us inside her and then my cum shooting into her pussy

    Will this tend to stretch her out over time?

    Is there any toy that we can use in the same way?

    1. N I: The vagina is an amazing thing. It is incredibly elastic and can’t really get stretched out. However, if it is a fear she can try doing kegel exercises where she squeezes her PC muscles like she would if she were trying to stop peeing (not recommended to do this while actually peeing). This will keep her from being incontenent in her old age and strengthen her orgasms as well.

      There are many toys you can use to effectively get more in her vagina, but it sounds like what she really enjoys is feeling you inside of her which a toy is just not going to be able to replicate. I do recommend using lots of lube though and making sure she’s plenty warmed up first.

      So glad you guys found something new and fun after so many years. Keep trying new things and enjoy yourselves!

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