Sex Toy Day: The Polls

Sex Toy Day

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There are 11 polls up on and there have been over 6,500 votes on them so far. I’d say that’s enough to start sharing the results, which we found to be pretty interesting.

We didn’t do a particularly good job nailing down which sex toy was people’s first as 31% voted Other, but 25% had a vibrating bullet as their first sex toy. What was your first? Did it perform as expected?

An overwhelming majority of poll takers used their sex toys in bed (77%) and 2% use sex toys in the car. We don’t recommend the latter as that could cause accidents. Where do you use your sex toys most often?

I’m happy to say that 48% of our poll takers masturbate a few times per week. Nothing like rubbing one out for a quick pick me up. Masturbation can elevate mood and contributes to overall health and well being. And while only 3% said they never masturbate, it’s still enough to make us sad. We sure hope that Sex Toy Day was able to help change their views on masturbation.

There was a pretty even distribution on the number of sex toys visitors had. 30% own 1-2, 26% own 3-5, and 25% own 6 or more toys. 18% of respondents didn’t own any sex toys and we sure hope that at least some of them were able to get one of the 1,000 free vibrators or one of the 400 1 cent vibrators. Tell us if Sex Toy Day gave you an excuse to get your first vibe.

68% of respondents use sex toys at least half the time they masturbate. 15% say they never use sex toys when they masturbate. Again, we hope that Sex Toy Day gave these folks an excuse to try a sex toy.

We dispelled a pretty popular myth about sex toys too. Myth: Sex toys are used as a substitute for “the real thing”. Fact: 79% of visitors say they’ve used sex toys with a partner.

A poll that appears on both our site and SexToyDay came up with pretty similar results. Between 83.5 and 89% of you either have or would buy a sex toy as a present. That’s great news!

92% of poll takers think that sex toys are either hot or kinky. And while we know that kinky can sometimes have negative connotations, we sure hope that these results meant that 92% of you think of sex toys as a great way to spice up your sex life. Only 1.5% of you thought that sex toys were gross or shameful. We’re happy those numbers are so low, but we also hope that we were able to change a few minds out there.

We sure learned a lot from you! Was there anything you learned from us or your friends? Did you start any good conversations about sex toys?

Go vote in the polls (refresh to find all of the questions).

3 thoughts on “Sex Toy Day: The Polls

  1. It’s interesting to read all those poll percentages. 3% of them never masturbated….that is actually a higher percentage than what I’ve known. I’ve been thinking less than 1% never masturbated while 99.9% of men have masturbated. QueenCat

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