Sex Toy Day: The Stats

Sex Toy Day

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Sex Toy Day was a roaring success. Sure, some people got upset and we don’t blame them. Our servers crashed, but there was no way to prevent that. That’s what happens with big giveaways. What we should’ve done was had a contingency plan, but we’ve learned our lesson on that one. And we have a whole year to plan next year’s events. So, while it’s very possible that our servers will crash again next year – it really was unavoidable – we’ll have a plan for when it happens.

The statistics:

  • There were 6,000 hits every minute on In other words, you guys kept hitting refresh over and over and over again making it impossible for us to do anything on the site.
  • We had over 130k page views on Sex Toy Day
  • 9,500 of you sent us your email address to remind you about the big day.
  • We gave out 1,000 vibrators in about 10 minutes.
  • 2000 of you liked
  • Sex Toy Day was mentioned on at least 2 radio stations and at one point someone called us saying we’d been on TV too.
  • We had about 6,000 votes on our polls.
  • A few dozen of you shared your stories.
  • We had 40 sponsors.
  • We had 13 bloggers participate in our blog carnival.

All in all it was a very eventful day.

5 thoughts on “Sex Toy Day: The Stats

    1. It looks like you got it in pretty late in the day the day before. So if you emailed us after that that’s probably why. We couldn’t update at all the day of because of the constant attack. If you email your contact at MyPleasure with your logo we’ll put it up. The email is still a big mess.

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