Who’s Afraid of Sex Toys? Americans Are!

Guest Bloggers, Sex Toy Day

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Some people still think that sex toys are Very Bad Things. Not the ones loaded with phthalates & chemicals, or the ones that aren’t green or have a low carbon footprint. Nope, they’ll argue that even the healthiest, most sustainably created, most artistically inspired sex toys are bad for you.

Americans seem to have a serious love/hate relationship with sex toys. We buy them to give as “gag gifts” at bachelorette & divorce parties, we joke about them, we drag our friends into the local adult shop to ogle them, and secretly (or not so secretly) we purchase them & tuck them into our bedside drawers. But when it comes to using them, there are some misconceptions…and I’m here to bust a few of those myths.

“Aren’t vibrators addictive?”

Nope. Nobody has started a “Vibrators Anonymous” yet, and nobody has been arrested for selling drugs to fund their butt plug habit (that I know of, at least!). What does happen for many people is that they find that orgasms are different with sex toys – more intense, or easier to reach…or even actually possible! And when we find something that makes us happy, we’re apt to use it. So yes, using a vibrator often means that we’ll use it again…and again…and again. But vibrators are there to give us a new way to experience the pleasure that our bodies are capable of – and there’s nothing addictive about that, at all!

“Sex toys are replacements for partners.”

This is the same line of thinking that has given masturbation a dirty reputation for years. So many of the sex-negative concepts that sprung from our inhibited Victorian past told us that masturbation (or, “touching ourselves down there” for those whose parents couldn’t say the m-word) was something that we shouldn’t ever do; and later, we heard that it was for those times when we didn’t have a partner that could help us satisfy our carnal needs. What still gets overlooked is that orgasms – and sexual pleasure, as a whole – are part of what keeps us emotionally and physically happy, regardless of whether they happen with a partner or without. So keeping a few toys handy can be a way for us to enjoy some quality alone time – and remind ourselves that we’re worth indulging in!

“If my partner uses a sex toy, it means I’m not good enough”

Frankly, if your partner feels comfortable enough to discuss (or even use) sex toys with you, be honored – for many people it’s a sign of tremendous trust and vulnerability to talk about our sexual fantasies and pleasures with our partners. In fact, using a vibrator or a g-spot or prostate toy with our partner can actually increase our sexual pleasure and intimacy with them – it can be a tool that helps us create even better orgasms for them with more creativity than we could ever manage with our own two hands! For instance, a cock ring with a vibrator (free with every purchase on MyPleasure while supplies last)  attached means that she can get an extra buzz of stimulation while you’re inside of her – and it leaves your hands free to touch her body and bring her to an amazing finale (not to mention the extra pulses of power you’ll get from it).

So, America, get over yourself. Sex toys are nothing to be scared of – embrace them, enjoy them, and most of all, share them with your partners! Want to try a sex toy, no strings attached? On Nov 4th SexToyDay.com will be giving out 1,000 free vibrators.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Sex Toys? Americans Are!

  1. Thank you for posting this!! I’m asked these questions on a daily basis and love that they’ve all been answered on one page – with respect, common sense and honesty in mind.

    I hope this goes a long way for changing the current misconceptions regarding sexual wellness products and that a few shy folks might just be inspired to break out their fave toy and not feel so bad about using it!

  2. Giving out 1,000 free vibrators! Wow, that is so generous of them. I will post the news on my page. I’d better come out and get myself a free vibrator too.

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