Sex With a Broken Leg

Q&A with Dr. Gardos, Sex Ed, Sex Tips

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What is the best sexual position for me while I have a broken leg and am in a full leg cast? I’m 23 years-old and don’t want to hold off on sex, I am talking about intercourse specifically, until the cast is removed. My boyfriend and I anxiously await your response.


I’m sure that this is a question that surfaces all of the time but is rarely asked. Luckily, there are a couple of options available that may make your life easier.

First, think about what body positions are most comfortable for you right now in a general sense. When you are relaxing, resting, standing, sitting, etc., what types of positions are the best? That’s a good way to start thinking about possible sexual positions. Here are some other thoughts:

Have your partner sit on a chair with ample space around. Sit down facing him straddling your legs around him. This way you are able to have your weight on his body and give the leg that is in the cast room to be where it needs to be. You will also have face-to-face intimacy.

Try standing up and resting your body weight on a sink, dresser or table. In this position, the objects support your weight and your partner can face you. He may want to lift the leg without the cast for better entry during intercourse.

Another position involves you laying down on a couch or bed turned on the side of your cast. Have your partner turn towards you also lying on his side. Either of you can then lift the leg that is not in a cast, as your partner moves towards you and attempts intercourse.

The real trick is being creative! Let you mind roam and explore all the possibilities available.

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Dr. Sandor Gardos

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