Prostate Exam: What to Expect

Sex Ed

From “Fletch” to “Family Guy” the prostate exam has been a source of comedy gold, but it’s actually pretty serious business. Prostate Exams are important to catch the early stages of cancer and other illnesses and since September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month we thought we’d give you a step-by-step idea of what you can expect from this important procedure to make it a little less of a pain in the…neck.

  • The prostate is a lemon-sized gland at the base of the bladder which produces the main body of seminal fluid. The doctor will need to look at the rectal area and insert a finger into your rectum to check. This is also called a DRE or digital rectal exam. Yes, he or she really does need to do this.
  • Before the exam, make sure your doctor has your medical history. Come prepared with any questions or concerns you have and make sure to let the doctor know if you have hemorrhoids.
  • For the exam you might be asked to wear a standard surgical gown and can either stand with your feet apart and bend at the waist over the exam table or lay on the table with your knees pulled towards your chest.

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