JimmyJane Form 3 Giveaway Contest

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We’re so excited about the JimmyJane Form 3 and we wish we could give everyone one just to see how fun and innovative it is. Unfortunately that’s just not possible if we want to stay in business. But we can give one away to one extremely lucky person.

This sex toy is perfect for couples who want to add a bit of spice to their lovemaking by combining vibrations with finger movements and pressure in a whole new way. It’s also great for using alone with it’s pinpoint accuracy that you control. It’s completely waterproof and submersible so take it in the bath with you or a romantic romp in the pool. It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries and it’s lockable for ease of travel. It’s just an all around amazing toy.

So in the spirit of Klondike Bars I want to know what you would do for a JimmyJane Form 3. We’re not going to actually ask you to do these things, but we want to know the lengths you would go. Get creative and have fun with it! Make us laugh. Leave a comment with your answer. Each comment will earn you one entry in the contest. You can make as many comments as you want, but they have to be creative and original (no stealing ideas from other commenters).

Other ways to earn points:

  1. Tweet about the contest daily: What would you do for a #form3? @My_Pleasure wants to know – http://om.ly/uOjV
  2. Like us on Facebook and then write on our wall letting us know you want to win a Form3.
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter and then leave a comment here to let us know. I will verify email addresses so make sure to use a real one :)
  4. Write a blog post about why you want the Form 3 and what you would do for it making sure to link to MyPleasure and the contest blog post. Once finished, leave a comment here with a link to your blog.

Rules: Contest only open to US residents 18 and over who do not work for or are contracted under MyPleasure or Sawhorse Enterprises. Winner will be chosen at random, but the more entries into the contest you make, the better your chances.

Twitter entries are once daily ONLY. If you tweet more than once per day, you will get no entries for that day. When tweeting you must have a public account and include #form3, @My_Pleasure, and a link to the contest.

Contest ends 11:59PM PST on September 30th and the winner will be announced the following week.

**Contest is closed. A winner will be picked the first week in October. Leaving more comments on this post after the end time will not get you any more entries**

163 thoughts on “JimmyJane Form 3 Giveaway Contest

  1. I would climb the highest mountain with my bare hands (is that how you climb mountains?) and, when I reach the top, plant a giant flag for all of Orgasm kind.

    When the interview come flooding in, I will say, ” ’twas all for this little beauty right here.” And kiss Form 3 on the… . Yes. Kiss Form 3 somewhere.

  2. I would walk around in my self made Form 3 thong bikini. I would have one covering each of my nips (grinning) a nice skin tone thick ribbon ( so the form 3 stays in place, over the nips) that will go from one Form 3 to the other. Sam ribbon to tie around my neck and back.

    The thong bottom will consist of also two Form 3 meeting each deep down. The on and off button would be facing my belly and the ribbon would be attached to the side that touches my stomach go all around my back and connect with the other ribbon that would be going down my nice valley where it would be connected to the second Form 3 for my bikini bottom.

    Oh yes I will be a very happy girl especially since when the weather is hot like it was this past summer I can enjoy my Form 3 bikini in the pool with no worries. ;)

  3. i would swim through a pool filled with thousands of vibrators just to find a single Form 3!!!! once i found it i would jump in the air just like a dolphin with the best vibrator in the world in my mouth!

  4. i would stand outside a giant store (such as walmart) with hundreds of other women (just like black friday) all of us awaiting when the doors will open and we will run into the store on the search for a Form 3 hiding somewhere. one and only one women will find it! i would push and shove me way through all the girls and be the one who finds the treasure, in the freezer section nonthe less. lol

  5. I would jump into the frigid Pacific waters & scour the ocean floor until I caught hint of the beautiful Form 3, its bright pink silicone skin glinting like buried treasure, entangled in a mass of seaweed. Then I would wrangle it free & swim safely to shore, protecting it from sharks & sea anemones all the while. Never mind the fact that I’m a poor swimmer, an even worse diver, & that I’d most likely drown. ;)

  6. I would let a vindictive circus worker paint 2 giant battling penises on my face, pose for picture, & allow it to be published in the local newspaper. The headline would read, “Creative Clown Paints Pulsing Penises on Crazy Chick”.

    And I would be crazy– Crazy in love with my new Form 3!

  7. I would take up that millionaire’s public dare & streak in front of the President, likely getting myself shot or arrested, but collecting $1,000,000, and a Form 3 in the process. If I get sentenced to life in prison, know this.. I didn’t do it for the money, or the look on Obama’s face (though that was hilarious); I did it for the Form 3. I only wonder if they’ll let me keep it in my cell or if I’ll have to smuggle it in… ?

  8. Scratch that last entry– better yet, I’d record an entire CD of songs dedicated to cats, using my real name. I already have some in the making (yes, I sometimes sing to my cats.. don’t look at me like that).


    Kitty box, litter box
    You know that I uuuse you! (oooh)
    I can’t help myself
    I poo in you and nobody else!
    Nobody Else!!

    In & out the day
    Between my naps & play
    Tearing up the couch
    or Hissing like a grouch!

    Kitty box litter box

  9. I would *cringing just thinking about it* wear a raw meat outfit a la Lady GaGa. Yes I would place raw, cold bloody stinky meat to touch my soft , sweet body all for the rapid sensational feel of the Form 3.

  10. I love fruits smoothies very much, the sweet, creamy taste of them just brightens up my day. I also love Peanutbutter & Jelly smoothies. I think that is the strangest smoothie I ever had.

    But for the Form3 I would *shivers* would drink for a month *cringing* a Anchovy smoothies *feeling something in my throat pushing it back down*

    When young my brother order a large pizza with anchovies we were both curious about it. *closing yes shivering trying not to up shuck now* I could not eat it. Though I took off all the anchovies of it, I felt it still had the taste of it. *cringing* I went to bed hungry. Oh we were at a hotel so it was not like I should have made myself a sandwich.

    Since then every time I hear the word anchovies I recall taking a bite into that pizza *shaking*

    But for the Form3 I …………. *breathing out* will have it for a month as a smothie, bblllaaaahhhh. Excuse me I got to go.

    1. There’s this softcore movie that I saw on TV once where ordering a large pizza with anchovies from the pizza place was code for the pizza delivery man to come over for hot sexins. It was really bad, but funny too.

      1. I love that movie. Its called Can’t Buy Me Love with Dr. McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy. I think that is one of the reasons we thought we order the pizza with Anchovies *cringing and shivering* yeap it goes to show that movies do influence the young

  11. I would invent a new cross-breed of fruit and call it the Form 3 EXTREEEMMMMEE. It would tastes like orgasms.

    It would be… wait for it…
    My Pleasure.

  12. For a Jimmy Jane Form 3, I would do an embarrassing dance and put it on youtube. When it goes viral and I am targeted as a meme, I will use that as a platform to sing the F3 its praises.

  13. Ok, you ask, I tell! http://sexpertjaneblow.com/what-would-you-do-for-a-form3-my_pleasure-wants-to-know/
    Joined the newsletter(s), twitter, facebook and sent you an email!

    1. I would write a toy review and make sure I submit it to the Pleasurists; this way news gets out that I have a Form 3, and it goes into a community of sex toy lovers who will hear about me winning (hopefully/ jealously) and will want to buy one for themselves.

    2. I would make a 6 course meal dedicated to the Form 3 and invite my favorite toy connoisseurs. Because a 3 course just isn’t enough, and there would be truffles and gold flake involved. I promise it will be spectacular. Pics to come?

    3. I need this toy because it brings me back to when I would buy silky panties and lightly finger my clit over them, there is just something about a single, thin, tantalizing layer between my own finger and my clit. For whatever reason, I stopped masturbating like this and I would LOVE to try it with the Form 3. So, until I win, I’m going to resist buying myself the perfect pair of panties to bring this old habit back.

    4. I vow to only use the Form 3 to masturbate for a solid week straight. Those of you who know about my collection, and my obsession with certain toys will find this VERY hard to believe.

    5. I like the idea of this toy so much, if I win, I’d let @My_Pleasure send it to me in… pink. Those of you who know my hatred for pink toys will scoff and call me a sell out. BUUT I’ll have a Form 3, and you wont. :p

    6. If I EVER grow tired of the Form 3, which, I highly doubt. I promise to pass my fortune forward using the Toy Swap Network. There is no need for this toy to end up in the misfits drawer of my collection, it should ALWAYS get lovin’.

    7. I would create one of those fun ” how many times can you find the sex toy” pictures using the Form 3.

    8. In my collection, there are some pretty cool sex toys, but I have yet to get a JimmyJane. I wasn’t impressed with the company till the Form 6, and 2 came out… I think the Form 3 would be an excellent start.

    9. I would dye part of my hair to match the Form 3, I’ve been itching to do something different, this could be a good reason!

    10. I would take pics of the Form 3 in all sorts of fun places like the SI Ferry, Manhattan, the gym I go to, and other famous or fun places. In a “Flat Stanley“ sort of way :)

  14. I would slather myself with honey & skip merrily through the woods, singing, “Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff, He’s Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Willy nilly silly old bear..” Also, I promise not to scream if a real bear, entranced by my singing, comes charging at me with hungry eyes.

  15. I would watch nothing but Barney (the purple kiddy dinosaur) for an entire month. I would not listen to the radio but to Barney cd’s and I would not read my usual mags nor book, I would read Barney books. That is how much I want the Form3 for my Southern girl.

  16. I would …… *taking a deep breathe* go bald. Yes I would actually cut off my wavy long shinny hair.

    I would make a four way part and do a pony tail on each section. Cut it off, donate to Locks of love.

    Then let someone who despises me shave the rest off, oh wait no I will have to do it myself since everyone loves me :D.

    After I am completely ball I draw a magic eight ball on my head and wear a t-shirt that says rub me for luck and hope they rub my head and not my …….

  17. I would not hug anyone for a month :( and to make sure no one comes up to me and hugs me cause I am such a lovable and hugable person, I would eat nothing but food that would make me musical. You beans.

    ♪ ♫ ♬ beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toote ♪ ♫ ♬

    Actually men would find it funny, you know men and their love to inappropriate sounds. They actually might join in the sound making. Eeeuu they might even make a sound every time they hug me.

    Ok to make sure they do not hug me I will also eat lots of good with garlic, and curry. I will also eat lots of broccoli and cheese. And I would too top it all off, I wont shower nor wear deodorant for that month.

    Come on you definitely have to give me the Form 3 after a month of solitude. Well thats if my own funky stench has not killed me .

  18. I would watch porn for 24 hours straight while wearing a straight jacket so I won’t be able to …….. you know enjoy watching it ;).

    Yeap for 24 hours (which actually means a year) I would sit right in front a large flat screen tv with surround sounds and watch the creme de la creme of porn for 24 hours and just twitch, fidget and curse in agony.

    And if I start to get sleepy my eyes would be pride with some kind of wire metal gadget like this poor sucker


  19. I would feast on dog food for week *making a oh, oh dumb move face* Gourmet dog that. For a week I would feast on gourmet dog food and drink the finest tap water there is *rolling eyes* Ok once a day I will drink toilet water so it would be a legit dog meal.

  20. I would chain myself to a tree in front of the white house and would only speak once I was surrounded by the media and proceed to tell the world about my naughty side. I will tell them about all the kinky stuff I like and the things I would like to do. And I would not be so lady like about it I would use the 7 dirty words and other once that have come about. And the end of it all I will say I will only unchain myself if I could talk to the President. And when he comes to greet me I will ask him if he is into pegging.

  21. I would play Santa at the mall every year for the rest of my life!
    I imagine that being a very difficult job. And I’m not sure how I’m going to grow out the beard or if security will ask me to leave when I ask people to sit on my lap, but…

  22. I would not tweet for an entire week. Now before you say oh that is nothing, you do not know me. I love to tweet, actually I love twitter. Cause even if I have nothing to tweet about I love reading what others have to say and I rt a lot.

    So saying I won’t tweet for a week is the same as I am not going to tweet for a year.

  23. I would pull a Britney and shave the hair off my head, leave my box of ‘toys’ exposed to household company, and MIGHT sacrifice reality t.v. …. well, at least for the night! ;) I’d love to have this!

  24. I would take the toy with me somewhere public, like a restaurant or a movie theater, and have my boyfriend use it on me, right there… (hopefully it is a quiet toy!!). I would have him use it on my until I had an orgasm, and would then have to show no trace of it on my face.

  25. I would actually spend and an hour with Rachel from this past Big Brother 12 reality show. She has the most annoying voice and laugh.

    Seriously being with her would be one of the worst tortures ever existed.

  26. For a Form 3, I would climax at least once a day, every day for an entire year using the Form 3, and blog about the experience. Hell, I’d even come up with something that I love about the Form 3 for every day of the orgasmic blogging experience.

  27. I would be Octomom’s baby sitter for a 3 days. Hey that is a stretch because I am sure after 24 hours with 14 young kids 8 being toddlers that is no easy job but hey it is a Form 3 after all.

  28. I would give up drinking any alcoholic beverages for 3 months. No mudslides, pina coladas, margaritas, mojitos, cosmos, nada not even wine coolers. My urine will be so crystal clear.

  29. I would carry a white albino boa snake a la Britney Spears I am slave for you VMA performance sexy outfit and all. I can’t guaranteed that I will look sexy, I probably will be crying and shacking you know us Girls especially us Female Angles despise snakes but love the sensation of being tickle in a special place in a good way so I will be as friendly as I can be with the snake for the form 3.

  30. I would eat *making ee uu face* insects but I must chased it down w/ a smoothie/milkshake/mudslide cause I am sure they are nasty and filled of bitter tasting pus or something like it.

  31. I would spend a week roughing in the woods, and this is coming from a girl who went camping only once with relatives because I didn’t like the camp grounds communal restroom/shower. I need to have me a clean toilet, and shower to feel ….. human so roughing for a week, actually lets make it a weekend. If there was at least a sink or somewhere where i could freshen up or get water maybe I could do a week as in a work week 5 days.

  32. I would spend a whole week cleaning *trying not to gag* the toilets of and bathrooms of truck stops, of course I would be cover from head to toe with those yellow jumpers suits, thick rubber gloves and gas mask. I bet by the end of each day I would have lost 10lbs or more from sweating in that outfit.

  33. I would singing non stop for 24 hours the Lamp Chop song called “This is the song that never ends” its a cute song but after the 5th time its no longer cute but torture.

  34. I would eat any one of my favorite dish for an entire week. Yeap after 3 days maybe 4 it would stop being my favorite dish.

    In college one summer session all me and my bf at the time had was Rumen Noodles. A year and half later I thought I have one. BIG mistake as soon as I tasted it in my mouth I wanted to up chuck, it took me back to that summer where I had to force myself to continue eating.

    I had that to happen to salmon and mash sweet potato because unlike the noodles the fish and potato are have great food source.

  35. I will watch ESPN andy other sports channels for an entire week. yes a week cause any longer I would have lost my marbles and I need them in order to enjoy the Form 3

  36. For 3 years I will not have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. And trust me I love Thanksgiving dinner its the only time I have turkey, stuffing, cornbread (ok so sometimes I have cornbread or corn muffins through out the year) gravy, …. Oh boy I am making myself hungry for a thanksgiving dinner. That is how badly I want the form 3.

    For Christmas we don’t have turkey nor those who I have gone over for Christmas dinner.

  37. I will go to the movie theaters get my favorite drink Cheery Coke Slushy, freshly popped hot popcorn covered with butter, Mmm so wish I was having this now. A hot dog/ with relish, mustard, and ketchup and of course we can’t forget the box of Goobers or chocolate covered raisons. I go will go and focus on the two films I have heard so much about but never seen. I will watch them without blinking, falling asleep or getting distracted all for the Form 3. I will watch Glitter, and Gigli or what ever the name of that Bennifer flop was.

  38. I would dress up like a little girl pig tails and all, with a teddy and pacifier. I will go to the mall hand have a hissy fit and cry out how I need to get a toy for my kitty. And when asked by security or a good samaritan what toy is that I want I would say the Form 3 availale at My Pleasure dot com with a huge smile :D

  39. I would go to a furniture store and lay down on each of them bed as I close my eyes imagine myself having fun with the form 3, moans, groans, legs twitching, the hole 9. You heard of Air Guitar well I will have a Air Good Time ;)

  40. I would volunteer to be part of the clean up crew for the show ‘Hoarders’ and pray that I do not come across dead rats, and other animals like one of the episodes they had and that I wont upchuck when I have to clean out their fridge and see their 8 month old, smelly and moldy food.

  41. I would swim naked with dolphins. I think I read on twitter how they would hump a human. So I guess I am saying that I would….. be naked in the same water as a dolphin :D

  42. I would dress like a hippie chick from the 60’s and say stuff like Groovy, Peace, Right On, Jive, Neato, and what ever else they said back then as well as only used stuff what was around that time. So no ipod, computer, microwave, dvd basically no life.

  43. I would become a Guidette, spray my skin orange, puff my hair, have long fake nails, wear tight short dresses, tight short shirt showing lots of cleavage, curse, fist pump and hook up with The Situation in the hot tub.

  44. I will invite my close friend and family to see a get together at my place so they can meet my naughty friends, who happen to have big mouths and are full of air. Yes my naughty friends will all be blow up love dolls both make and females. Mom meet my best friends ;D

  45. I would go around and introduce people to my imaginary lover Joe and the next time I see them if they should asked about Joe I would say “Joe Who? your crazy I do not have a love named Joe” and then lean into them and say “I can’t believe you said that in front of Tom” when they say who is Tom I would smile and say “Who is Tom? Oh come on, you were at the wedding” ;)

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