Sex Dice App In Action – Video

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If you’ve played with the old fashioned sex dice you know that they can be fun for a short period of time, but then they get old fast. The same options come up over and over again. Some of the options seem almost nonsensical, like when you are asked to blow on someone’s lips. Sure, you could make that sexy, but the image I get is literally blowing on someone’s lips like you were trying to blowout the candles on a birthday cake. I guess “seductively breathe on” was a little too much to put on one side of a di.

There are other options of naughty dice that you can get. I’ve seen ones that are specific to fetishists, to playing with a penis or pussy, ones for chocolate lovers, ones that glow in the dark, and ones in different languages. But who really wants to have that many different sets of dice laying around (or pay for that many)? And maybe it would actually be even more fun to make your own sex dice that play more to what you and your partner enjoy.

Great news! Here at MyPleasure we’ve made a sex dice app that lets you do all that and more. I gotta say, I was a little skeptical at first – I’ve played with the original: “eat ear”? Really!?!- but once I tried it out I realized how different, innovative, and fun the app really is compared to the traditional dice. The playfulness is still there, but the options are endless.

Still don’t believe me? Check out these video demos on an iPhone (don’t worry, we have the app for Android users as well!):

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