Back Door Play: Which State is the Most Anal?

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***UPDATE: The contest has ended. Thank you all for playing and congrats to the winner!**

Not too long ago, anal sex play was considered an odd “fetish” and not a fun, new area to explore. In the last twenty years, however, anal has gone from an out-there preference to a standard option in many bedrooms today. It’s now really easy to get info on how to try out and enjoy anal sex. Not to mention all the awesome butt toys on the market!

So, with anal sex becoming more popular and anal specific sex toys (think butt plugs, prostate massagers, and anal beads) becoming more socially acceptable – where do you think the most anal toys are sold? Here is a hint: it is not where you think.

Okay. Ready? Are you sitting down? Because…

…It is ALASKA.

Ponder that one for a while.

If you look at our graphic map, you’ll start to see an obvious pattern to where anal toys are sold. On the other hand, perhaps you will spot a trend that is less obvious. For us? The clearest pattern is … weather!

Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire… they all share one thing in common: long winters, and many dark, dark nights. It makes sense that folks who have to endure the endless days of snow and cold turn to warm nights in bed and explore the limits of what can be done there. Add in the fact that Maine, Massachusetts, Montana and Minnesota also indulge in the anal toy habit, you can really see a pattern.

However, that does not explain outliers like California or Virginia or why some states do not show much of a penchant for anal toys at all (although in some cases, such as Alabama, where it’s actually against the law to sell sex toys, well, it’s easy to figure out).

So, what is your theory? Is it a Red State vs. Blue State thing? What other patterns can you see here? Tell us your idea, and the staff here at will select their favorite one and reward that person with a $25 gift certificate!

Take some time to look over the map and come up with your theories. While you are at it, maybe you can come up with an explanation of the popularity of anal toys in Washington, DC. Cause all the ones we come up are about how the politicians are all screwing everyone…

We think we will like your theory better.

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19 thoughts on “Back Door Play: Which State is the Most Anal?

  1. In all honesty, I think it’s a population thing. Of course, with there being a smaller population, you don’t have to have as many people to come up with a larger percentage. Take Alaska for instance. It has a population of 698,473 (estimated in 2009). If 1 in every 10,000 people owns an anal toy, that’s still only 69 people in all of Alaska that own an anal toy.

    The same goes for Vermont and New Hampshire, garnering between 41 and 88 toys for the total state.

    Now of course, conservatism is going to make a play in strict Republican states such as Texas and Florida, but even there, with Texas, its around a total of 708 in the state.

    So, percentage wise, yes, Alaska may have it, but they are by far the biggest contributors to the anal sex toy industry.

  2. This is kind of shocking to be honest. I’m surprised that most of the Bible Belt is so low in a percentage of people with anal toys. At the same time, though, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the percentages are so low. A lot of people still view anal as “taboo” and won’t venture to try or explore.

    1. theviewcarre: I have to wonder how many of them are putting things in their butt that shouldn’t be going there. There are a lot of ER stories about such things. Something being taboo often means that people will do it anyway, but not safely.

  3. Well, a lot of the problem is there really isn’t a whole lot of literature out there on how to properly perform anal. Honestly, my first experience with anal was horrible and I never want to do it again. That experience that is. Now that I know more about how to work the anus and get it to where it is comfortable to use toys, it makes me feel a bit more at ease.

    The problem, too, is that a lot of people don’t have access to proper toys with which to perform anal. A lot of states have laws that prohibit people under a certain age from going into a sex store and even from buying online. A lot of people are afraid to ask someone to help them with procuring an item that is safe for anal play.

    A lot of it is lack of availability on how to properly perform anal and what exactly is safe to use.

  4. The more I look at the demographics, the more I wonder about why the Northeast seems to be more anally active. My theory is that the Northeast tends to be, well, more liberal than the southern and western states. I think this because, well, those states were the first to ever be created and they went through far more changes before the other states were formed.

    History has carried on and they remain more liberal and open to new ideas, theories, and experiences. Other states tend to be more closed minded and more protective of society. Anal is a big “no no” to some people and, well, state government and legislature will control as much as they can of people’s lives.

    That’s my theory. Nothing sexy about it :P

  5. I think it has a lot to do with the conservatism of the location. For example, in the Eastern states, there is a lot more liberalism and thus, it seems to be more sex toys in general are sold. However, in Iowa, where people are more conservative, less anal toys are sold.

    Really, though, I don’t know. It’s just kinda a neat statistic. It’s awesome you put it together.

    1. I have to agree with you and think that this might be the case. Also, a lot of states have sex education programs that pretty much scare teenagers away from sex and freak them out about even exploring. I was one of those teenagers back in the day.

      I think a lot of it has to do with people wanting to make teenagers, and even adults, afraid of sex instead of encouraging them to embrace their sexuality and explore it safely.

  6. As someone who as lived in Vermont, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania… I can agree with the long nights/cold winters theory. Easily. You run out of things to do in the dark… anal is an eventual activity.

    BUT(t), in the case of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine (and likely) Alaska there aren’t many brick and mortar shops, thus forcing them to buy online and having a spike in your charts.

    You also have the taboo factor and legality issues in shops opening up in places like Alabama (and the Bible Belt) forcing people to get toys how ever they can.
    Colder states may have longer nights, but down south where AC is king – those hot summers keep libidos sizzling as well. Some of our favorite porn stars are southern bells – but they had to leave home to be themselves. If you can’t ship them what they want – they ship themselves out.

    Cali, Virgina and NY – and other coastal states (being notoriously more liberal) it is easy to get their anal toy fix from their local sex shop. Also, since people who are liberal minded WILL share info, most sex toy minded people these days have several online places they frequent and share with others. I’ve sat in many public places and overheard the anal debate happening, away from the comforting glow of a computer.

    As for Washington — think about it — all those business men in powerful positions, the women also making strong names for themselves — will all want to lay back, give up control, and be “yes’sir” submissives. They’re making decisions for America secretly wearing women’s panties and Njoy butt plugs all day.

    But hey, this is just MY opinion.

  7. It just occurred to me, by looking at this map, that Hawaii really has no ratio of anal toy/people. Maybe this is due to Hawaii being an island and not importing as many sex toys as the other states? In all honesty, I really never hear much about Hawaii in the news or around the internet.

    It’s interesting to say the least.

  8. I find particularly the circle, so to speak, around South Dakota and Nebraska quite interesting. Having lived in South Dakota for a few years in the nineties I can tell you they are two very sexually repressed states.

    Having said that, perhaps the lack of places for sexual expression and “toys” causes people in these states to go to a state close to them to purchase items for play.

    hence the circle that you see…


  9. I’m honestly surprised and yet not. As you mentioned, looooooong winter nights makes for the need for keeping occupied xD However, perhaps because of that they are more aware that safety and sanitation are a good thing, while other places kind of avoid it or can’t afford it.

    Either way, a long night with candle light, chocolate covered strawberries, and a tray full of anal toys….mmmm what a night!

  10. As far as California’s stats, I’m very surprised. I figured us Californians would have a much higher percentage of anal toys. Especially being that we have S.F. L.A. Hollywood & Pr0n Valley.

  11. you see there’s only a few people in Alaska, but they’re each buying multiple butt plugs, but not for reasons you would think. Clearly, they’re using them to keep all the moose from shitting in their yards! Seriously, it’s true…I read it…um…in a magazine. :)

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