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Not too long ago, anal sex play was considered an odd “fetish” and not a fun, new area to explore. In the last twenty years, however, anal has gone from an out-there preference to a standard option in many bedrooms today. It’s now really easy to get info on how to try out and enjoy anal sex. Not to mention all the awesome butt toys on the market!

So, with anal sex becoming more popular and anal specific sex toys (think butt plugs, prostate massagers, and anal beads) becoming more socially acceptable – where do you think the most anal toys are sold? Here is a hint: it is not where you think.

Okay. Ready? Are you sitting down? Because…

…It is ALASKA.

Ponder that one for a while.

If you look at our graphic map, you’ll start to see an obvious pattern to where anal toys are sold. On the other hand, perhaps you will spot a trend that is less obvious. For us? The clearest pattern is … weather!

Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire… they all share one thing in common: long winters, and many dark, dark nights. It makes sense that folks who have to endure the endless days of snow and cold turn to warm nights in bed and explore the limits of what can be done there. Add in the fact that Maine, Massachusetts, Montana and Minnesota also indulge in the anal toy habit, you can really see a pattern.

However, that does not explain outliers like California or Virginia or why some states do not show much of a penchant for anal toys at all (although in some cases, such as Alabama, where it’s actually against the law to sell sex toys, well, it’s easy to figure out).

So, what is your theory? Is it a Red State vs. Blue State thing? What other patterns can you see here? Tell us your idea, and the staff here at will select their favorite one and reward that person with a $25 gift certificate!

Take some time to look over the map and come up with your theories. While you are at it, maybe you can come up with an explanation of the popularity of anal toys in Washington, DC. Cause all the ones we come up are about how the politicians are all screwing everyone…

We think we will like your theory better.

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