Who needs 300 sets of Sex Dice?

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Well probably no one needs that many, but hey, why not? And that’s how many you’ve got right now if you’re using Sex Dice Evolved, the iPhone and Android app developed by MyPleasure.  When we first created the app and decided to let users create and share their own dice, we really didn’t know if anyone would do this.  So we’re very excited and we wanted to share some of our favorites.

If you’ve got the app, just grab the code to download any of these for free.  You can see the full list at www.twitter.com/sexdice.  But you’ve got to have the app if you want to play.  What a great addition to your sex toys.

Here are some of our favorite user generated apps with their download codes.  Comment  below to tell us about your favorite.

Role Play Him/Her
(download code: 133)

Role Play Him/Her - Enter Code 133

Role Play Him/Her

Dan & Megan
(download code: 303)

Dan & Megan: Code 303

Dan & Megan

Tease and Denial
(download code: 214)

Tease & Denial: Code 214

Tease & Denial

(download code: 196)

Fantasies - Code 192


Fun Roulette
(download code: 192)

Fun Roulette - Enter Code 192

Fun Roulette

We hope you enjoy these.  Comment below to tell us about your favorite.

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