Beat the Summer Heat by Getting Hotter

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Don’t bother asking if it’s hot out there or if it’s you – you’re hot, but yes, it’s hot out there. Not only was this past June the hottest on record but so were the March, April and May proceeding it. You have every right to walk around half naked.

But if you’re going to do that you might as well get something out of it. Movie theaters and their cool, empty darkness are traditionally one of the best places to go in the blistering heat but who can afford theaters anymore? Instead get yourself a steamy rental, turn down the lights, crank up the air and get some ideas. Here are five scenes from films where the heat itself is a character that helps steam up the camera lens and make summer a little brighter.

1. Do The Right Thing– Spike Lee was already getting to be Spike Lee when he made the movie that would launch him to serious stardom in 1989. A sweltering New York summer makes tempers and racial tensions flare, but for a little while Mookie and Tina (played by Lee and Rosie Perez) find an oasis of cool thrills with a lot of naked skin and just a little bit of ice.

2. Fried Green Tomatoes– It’s not as overtly sexual as Spike and his ice cube…in fact there’s a certain ambiguity in the relationship between Idgie (Mary Stuart-Masterson) and Ruth (Mary-Louise Parker) in this 1991 film, but the chemistry between them is as sultry as a Southern accent on a summer day and the way in which Idgie charms the bees into giving up their honey for her to give to Ruth will charm any sensualist or romantic as well.

3.The Seven-Year Itch– Ah, yes, the cool, cool breeze of the subway on a summer night that inspired what might be the most famous image in pop culture history: Marilyn Monroe and her white dress blowing up around her thighs and showing us her historic 1955-era gams. The scene is more charming than nasty but it’s a classic and the thought of that breeze going up her dress can get your mind to thinking that would feel delicious…

4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High– She was every high school boy’s inspiration (to do what we don’t really need to say, do we?) in 1982 when she climbed out of the pool in her red bikini and walked straight into their dreams. Even though it was just a fantasy (and ended in some serious humiliation comedy for poor Judge Reinhold) the future Mrs. Kevin Kline dripping her way into cinematic history is still one of sexiest summer scenes of all time.

5. Body Heat– This 1981 Florida thriller starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner is often cited for it’s electric sex scenes as well as it’s gripping story. Kathleen Turner was one of the sexiest women ever to burn up the screen and the chemistry between her and the young William Hurt is seriously wicked. Interestingly enough taking a cold shower (or in their case a bath) only serves to make things warmer…warmer….red hot.

Image Credits: Do the Right Thing – The Young and the Reckless, Fried Green Tomatoes – HubPages, The Seven Year Itch – Film Forum, Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Stars.ign, Body Heat – Collider

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