How Do You Pick the Perfect Sex Toy?

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About a week ago we asked some great bloggers about how they pick out sex toys for their private playtime. We know that figuring out what the perfect toy is for you can be daunting. There are hundreds, even thousands, to choose from and everybody is different. has worked hard at perfecting our Find Your Perfect Sex Toy tool to help make this process a lot easier.

From the sound of it . . . we need to keep working. That doesn’t mean it is all bad news. The tool chose a gorgeous toy for Holly Ord from Woman Tribune that she had her eye on but the material proved a bit too inflexible for her liking. We learned some great insights about describing the materials we offer. Angie from A Simple Kind of Life got a great toy from the tool but was eager to see even more refinements. The lovely Sarahbear at SexyBySarah was thrilled about how easy it was to use this expert shopping tool and the massage products that were recommended. Lastly, Amy at Taste Like Crazy, loved the toy that the tool helped her select. In fact she said it was better than the one she picked on her own.

We are learning a lot from this experience and are taking notes from every one we work with in order to improve the experience. If you have used our expert shopping tool please let us know and email or leave a comment here. Also if you are interested in a test run of your own and want to help our educators enrich everyone’s sex lives, try the shopping tool yourself and let us know. You can find us here, on twitter and facebook.

Oh . . . and come back often for updates on how our Find Your Perfect Sex Toy tool can improve your sex life.

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One thought on “How Do You Pick the Perfect Sex Toy?

  1. It’s a pretty good idea having a tool to help consumers find the right sex toy for them. The problem nowadays is that there are so many sex toys and a lot of them are very similar. It can be quite daunting for customers to pick one.

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