Personal Shopper for Sex Toys? MyPleasure Launches “Find Your Perfect Sex Toy”

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By Liz Langley

If only there were dressing rooms for everything in life.

Not all purchases afford a try-on or test drive, however and sex toys are among those things you can’t try out exactly the way you’ll use them at home, not even at stores that will let you try them on your hand.
People who are new or nearly-new to sex toy purchasing might just see the ubiquitous “rabbit” and buy it because it’s a meme, not realizing that what works for one person might not work for another. Even with sales associates we might not always ask the right questions and there’s little more galling in this economic climate than spending money on something you end up not liking.

To make sure your money is well spent and your sexual pleasure well-considered, MyPleasure is introducing a great new feature, “Find Your Perfect Sex Toy” giving you the expertise of Dr. Sandor Gardos, sex therapist, psychologist, and founder of By asking exactly what you’re looking for it directs you just to the options you’ll be interested in and might ask you questions you haven’t even considered before, with gratifying results.

“Even a great recommendation from someone else isn’t always going to do it because everyone has different tastes,” says erotic romance author Lara Dien. “I tend to be picky about intensity so there’ve been a couple of buys that were rather umm…underwhelming?.”

“Jane” tells a funny-but-frustrating story about being sold a “big, off-white, rotating dildo, filled with these little pearls inside and plastic ticklers… the sales guy had convinced me that his lady loved hers, so every time I thought about using it I’d think of him and her and that didn’t work for me.” She ended up not liking anything about it (Jane…d’oh!)

Expensive mistakes like that one can be avoided Dr. Gardos’ private online experience which provides a range of very good questions, a solid list of product options all of which are personally screened by Dr. Gardos, no direct sales pressure and up-front prices. Since the questionnaire is tailored to first see if you’re male, female, gay, straight, bi, coupled, single…and then gets to specific concerns…everyone is likely to come up with something different – hardly surprising with a range of 500 toys to choose from.

For example, even in all my experience of writing about adult products I never considered buying a nipple stimulation toy until taking the questionnaire and getting to an inquiry about the types of stimulation on which that particular bit of human geography was listed, leading to some potential fun experimentation.

Of course there are some toys you just have to try out for yourself, but “Find Your Perfect Sex Toy” will inspire confidence in those purchases with thoughtful, direct questions that allow you to browse more effectively. Think of it as a private sexual cruise director, someone who will get to know you and help you get you where you want to go (which, we’re guessing, is over the moon).

About Liz Langley
Liz Langley is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in about 20 publications – to see more go to

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