Sex and the City: Opening Pandora’s (sex toy) Box

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By Liz Langley

The first episode of “Sex and the City” aired on June 6, 1998, twelve years and several lifetimes ago. Just think of all the things that weren’t on our radar yet – 9/11, Twitter, Britney Spears as a bald, umbrella-wielding mom, the iPhone, Lady Gaga, American Idol and Barack Obama. The culture would change radically and one wonders if HBO had any idea how the show that aired that day contribute to it.

Until SATC, female bonding on TV was definitely of the G-rated, young-ish Kate-and-Allie variety. When Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte came along it was like a long-awaited cocktail of Oprah, Ab-Fab and Dr. Ruth. SATC opened the windows and let sun and air into the post-modern female conversation talking about the things that were confusing, exciting and intriguing us in real life (dating, sex, aging, pregnancy, money, work and fashion) and did it with the warmth of girlfriends and big splashes of comedy and style. We saw ourselves in each of them and we wanted something from all of them, too. Miranda’s wisdom. Carrie’s closet. Samantha’s confidence. And Charlotte’s vibrator.

Of SATC legacies the most tangible is probably  the open discussion of female masturbation – with props. We all knew “those stores” were out there, most of us had gotten a catalog or two in the mail and according to a University of Indiana survey published by the New York Times more than half of us owned a vibrator, but it wasn’t really something you talked about much less freely. About the survey statistics in the New York Times:

“What this tells us is we’ve reached a tipping point,” said Debby Herbenick, an author of the studies along with her Indiana University colleague Michael Reece. “Something once regarded as exotic has become commonplace.”

The explosion of conversation about sex toys and their subsequent mainstreaming (you can buy vibrating rings in drug stores and see sex toys like the Aphrodite discussed on Oprah) was the tangible part. The intangible and more important was its implication: that women’s sexual pleasure is an healthy, important part of life and we were willing, quite literally, to take it into our own hands.

Charlotte’s choice was Rabbit Pearl but what a lot of people don’t know is that the rabbit isn’t one single entity name but a category of dual action vibrators that have a rotating shaft and an attached clitoral stimulator, which doesn’t have to be a rabbit. It doesn’t have to even be an animal though dolphins and elephants are both cute and compelling (though some say the clitoris does fit nicely between those bunny ears).

If you want to bring all your SATC identities outto play, MyPleasure has put together a Sex and the City toy collection based on all four ladies that would even keep Samantha busy indefinitely. This way, whether you’re in the mood for a bunny hop with Charlotte or a slightly more discreet Miranda-like buzz, you’re covered.

And wouldn’t it be nice to be good and relaxed when you go meet the girls for a pre-movie Cosmo?

About Liz Langley
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