“A Sex and the City Sex Toy Collection? I couldn’t help but wonder…”

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MyPleasure celebrates the release of the Sex and the City 2 with this chic sex toy collection inspired by Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. This luxuriously fierce collection of sensual sex toys was created for the woman who enjoys multiple facets of pleasure.

For all the Carries out there, MyPleasure has selected the red designer vibrator Little Chroma (by JimmyJane) as the perfect “tuck away” accessory for all her designer bags for fun on the go

You can’t have a Sex and the City pleasure kit and not include Charlotte’s infamous, dual-action vibrator, Rabbit Pearl – get addicted to this customer favorite. Plus we’ve included some Sensual Essence Gel Lubricant and Toy Cleaner in case you don’t want to leave the bedroom for the whole week.

Whether the prying eyes belong to your house keeper, Magda, or your mischievous children, keep your personal items personal with the Devine Toy Box complete with lock and key … the perfect container for the feisty red Waterproof Pocket Rocket.

Get back into the swing of things with the Sex Swing. We’re sure Samantha would approve.

One thought on ““A Sex and the City Sex Toy Collection? I couldn’t help but wonder…”

  1. Samantha would most definitely approve of the Sex Swing. In fact, there was an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha did take a ride in the Sex Swing–she had to get an HIV test before the guy she picked up in the bar, who had the same reputation for bed-hopping as she did, would let her, though. It was a really good episode, but I would have included a realistic dildo as well, since Samantha did briefly date a dildo model towards the end of the series.

    Wow, I just got impressed and a little sad with myself for being able to recollect all that off the top of my head.

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