Have a Sexy Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s day and you deserve to be celebrated.

Sure you can have breakfast in bed and a day with the kids but once they go to sleep the night is yours. Or better yet why not schedule a sleep away party for the kids so you can have one of your own with your husband.

Yes, have your own sexy sleep away (or sleep in) party. Ingredients include:

A SENSUAL MASSAGE – first take a bath with your favorite suds and your favorite sex toy to set the mood, like the Onye Fleur. Now you’re ready for your massage. Guys should use the Wicked Chocolate Massage Candle and pamper away.

SEX IN THE SHOWER– This is another fun thing to do with your partner. Spend time washing each other’s bodies and do in the shower. You and your guy are up close and personal. With the water pouring over you, this is a perfect thing to do for lots of wet, passionate kissing. You can also look into each other’s eyes, further boosting the intimacy factor.

ROMANTIC PICNIC DINNER: go away to your favorite secluded spot and have a picnic. Bring wine and some of your favorite sensual foods including strawberries, figs, wine, and chocolates

After all, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is and it often doesn’t leave a lot of time for sex with the lack of privacy and the bevy of responsibilities So take this day to not only celebrate with your kids but make time for a special get away or stay-in with your partner.

What’s the sexiest Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received?

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