Hear, See, and Taste Your Way to Better Sex

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Sure, you can dim the lights, but not too much, because it turns out sight is the sense that plays the largest role in your pleasure during sex according to a recent MyPleasure poll. There’s no sure fire way to have amazing sex every time, but when you engage all your senses or integrate some sex toys it’ll be sure increase your chances.

Obviously we’re dealing with touch during sex, but here’s some tips how to incorporate the rest of your senses:


  • Light: Use some candles or install colored light bulbs to set the mood
  • Mutual Masturbation: Take turns watching each other masturbate. This is hot. Enough said.
  • Blindfold: Taking away your sight can be equally hot. Try using a blindfold like the one in our Explore New Sensations kit to get your senses rolling
  • Eye contact: Staring into each others eyes intensifies the intimacy and connection you’ll feel with your partner


  • Moans & Groans: Sounds you make while making love can push your lover over the edge. So be sure to be vocal and moan like you mean it, want it and need it.
  • Dirty talk: Not sure what to say? Just describe what your partner is doing, how good it feels and what you’re going to do next.
  • Sexy Tunes: Playing sexy tunes helps set the mood and keeps you in the moment (read our recent post on Sex & Music


  • Scented Candles: Scented candles are a two-fer: you get the sensual lighting and scents in one. Try the for some seductive scents.
  • Massage oil: Give a massage with scented lotion and the scent plus sensual touch will double both your pleasures.


Which sense turns you on the most?

One thought on “Hear, See, and Taste Your Way to Better Sex

  1. Very nice post. You forgot hearing as the fifth sense. being true to yourself we all know that love making comes with certain sounds. The sound of body fluids and bodies slapping can be equally euphoric.

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