$3,000 too Much to Spend on a Sex Toy??

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eternity vibratorJust got your tax refund and looking to spend a few thousand dollars on your next sex toy? Luckily your shopping options have expanded!

Luxury sex toy maker Jimmyjane has a platinum diamond encrusted vibrator available for $3,250 (battery included!). Jimmyjane is an innovative designer brand with several less expensive toys available at MyPleasure’s Jimmyjane Boutique .

For those who yearn for a more historical addition to your intimate accessories collection you should bid on these 18th century toys next time they’re up for auction – but bring your checkbook and be prepared to spend more than $5,000!

If you find your sex toy on this historical timeline it’s probably time to upgrade (unless you are collecting 18th century dildos). Sign-up for the MyPleasure Insider emails for a 10% savings on your first purchase of a brand new toy!

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