Air Travel: Getting Your Sex Toys On Board Without Embarrassment

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sex toys

TSA: “Ma’am is this your bag?”

You?: “Ummm Yes”

TSA: “Please follow me”

Planning an exciting vacation and want to bring along something to play with? It can be done! offers a great line of discreet sex toys that will slide right by the most diligent TSA screeners. Here are a few great ideas from MyPleasure.

Rub My DuckyRub My Duckie. This adorable massager is as discreet as you can get. You get wonderful three-speed vibrations.

What the TSA thinks: Chances are, as soon as they see the Rub My Duckie, the “Rubber Duckie, You’re So Fine” song that Ernie sings on Sesame Street will pop into their heads, therefore preventing any  thoughts of sex toys.

Pocket RocketMyPleasure Pocket Rocket. This discreet toy offers powerful stimulation in a tiny four-inch package.

What the TSA thinks: They will assume that this is some sort of hair styling device, like a traveling curling iron. Because this toy has a sort of  “stacked” appearance, they will assume that it expands and heats up for hair styling.

Hidden PleasureHidden Pleasures. This ingenious little toy looks EXACTLY like a traditional lipstick, but still packs a very satisfying punch.

What the TSA thinks: Lipstick. Trust us, this one will not even show up on their radar.

Sensual Essence SilkSensual Essence Silk. At an adorable two ounces, this small bottle of taste and odor free lubricant feels divine. Initially slick then soft and silky, this will surely add just the right amount of slippery to your adventures.

What the TSA thinks: The TSA agent will breathe a deep sigh of relief that’s you’ve respected the four-ounce limit on liquids so they don’t have to break open your bag and make you throw it away.

Afterglow TissuesAfterglow Toy Tissues. Keep your toys clean and ready with these pre-moistened tissues embedded with an anti-bacterial astringent, and lightly scented with bergamot.

What the TSA thinks: Because today so many make-up removers and other facial wipes come in identical packaging, they will assume the warm glow about you is not from private time with your toys, but from your excellent skin care regime.

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