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Would you get on a plane with this?

It just might. One young woman shares her story: she was transporting her favorite new heavy aluminum dildo, described as “one end looks like a billy club, and one end looks pointy” when her carry-on luggage caused quite the stir in the security line at the airport. Just as they were beginning to search her bags, she blurted out, “It’s my dildo!” This outburst caused a bit of a reaction; she says, “It was like you could hear a record screech, the entire TSA team, all the passengers, the curbside check in guys, some lady with a chinchilla coat and a poodle in a carrier, and the guy cleaning the bathroom, all stopped and slowly turned around to look at me. The security guard nearly died.” But in the end,  she got on that plane with her dildo.

Njoy Fun Wand
How about this one?

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) estimates that it screens anywhere between two and three and a half million bags a day in the United States. In a major city, they will see an estimated 300 sex toys passing through the CTX machine (commonly called the x-ray machine) each day. Some get spotted as they pass through the scanner, others accidentally get set off and start vibrating in suitcases as they pass through the screening, and others turn up during random checks.

The truth is that nearly half of all Americans own some sort of sex toy. HALF. That means even if the worst happens – you are pulled out of line, your bags are searched, and your sex toy is lifted up and exposed to the world – you can just plain embrace your sex toy with pride. Instead of feeling embarrassed, grin and relax because even if they did not bring their sex toy in the carry on bag, they probably have one at home. In fact, they are probably beginning to wonder why they did not pack their’s as well.

However, there is always the chance that the particular screener you end up with at the airport check in line will have neither a sense of humor, nor a sense of adventure. So perhaps going with more discreet sex toys makes sense for your next flight. If you are willing to brave the public reaction to your toys (and why not? Claim your right to pleasure!), here are some of the best travel friendly toys.

The three best tips for traveling with your sex toys:

• Take out the batteries.

• Pack your toys in Ziploc Baggies.

• Leave that giant metal dildo at home. But then, that seems obvious, no?

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