Sex Dice Gets a Makeover – Sex Dice Evolved

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MyPleasure believes that education, sex toys and games are all part of having better sex. So when we set out to re-make the infamous sex dice game, we knew it had to have it all. So now you can toss out those tired old sex dice and download Sex Dice Evolved for your iPhone.

Sex Dice Evolved
has thousands of combinations to play with, but you never know which ones will come up. And just in case you need some help, there are expert tips that accompany each combination.
Playing with sex dice is the perfect way to try something new, explore with your partner and spice things up. The tips will give you valuable advice on any combinations that surface. You can also set your preferences to get more of your favorite things or to block things you’d rather not have come up (never want to see “bite toes”… no problem!)

Sex Dice Evolved comes with 10 sets of dice from Mild to Wild, and you can even create your own dice and share them. Plus, you’ll never run out of things to try because you can download new dice created by other users at Dice sets can be tweeted out via the @SexDice handle right from the app (you can also remain anonymous, if you prefer).

Want to have better, more exciting and unpredictable sex? Download MyPleasures sex dice today: MyPleasure and Sex Dice Evolved will hold your hand every step of the way.

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