Ten Great Places to Kiss in Winter

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Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you can’t keep the romance up in the wintertime. Here’s some inspiration to turn those cold winter drafts into warm hot kisses.

1. In The Snow – No two kisses or snowflakes are ever the same, so do some snow falling investigations and kiss away. Lip numbing fun is always hot.

Photo taken by trix0r


2. In The Kitchen – If you want to work at elevating all your senses, then turn to the kitchen for some extra spicy romance. The smell of fresh baked pies, the sound of holiday tunes, the taste of hot cider will create the right romantic mood and ignite you senseless.

Photo taken by Morgan Loves Family

3. In A Hot Tub –Nothing quite like a cold winter night and a hot tub to get the blood rushing to your lips. It’s one of the few places you can wear almost nothing once the temperature drops. So just skip the pleasantries and get down to business.


Photo taken by Summerfrost

4. At A Holiday Party – Forget looking for the mistletoe and sneak off for a secret smooch at a holiday party.  Perhaps it’ll make that boring office party the best one yet.


Photo taken by Nad

5. Under The Covers – With Jack Frost nipping at your toes, pull the covers over them and your lover closer to fuel the bedroom festivities. Light a few candles, and dim the lights for some nighttime kisses.


Photo taken by IGY.at


6. Looking At Holiday Lights — If the holiday lights make you feel twinkly, then take advantage of your inner flame and grab your partner by the lips. You’ll steam up the windows as you exchange some kisses in the front seat checking out at the scenery.


Photo taken by Mr. Kris

7. In A Horse-Drawn Sleigh – Just try to say “nay” to a horse drawn sleigh– climb aboard and keep each other warm under a blanket as you take in the sights.


Photo taken by Monkey Bean


8. On A Ski Lift –Whether it’s the dramatic views, adrenalin pumping heights or the lack of oxygen to the brain – kissing on a ski lift gives you a rush that’s above and beyond what you’d experience with your feet on the ground.

Photo taken by Robert L Parker

9. In Front Of A Window Display –  Take a stroll and check out the sexy displays. Shopping with your lover might just put you in the mood to create a public display all your own.


Photo taken by Manny Santiago


10. Under The Tree – Hang up the last ornament, grab your partner and exchange a couple of little early Christmas presents under the tree before Santa gets there. This year he won’t care if you’ve been a little naughty.

Photo taken by jns8921

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