Top 3 Tips for Beginners Role Play

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You and your partner have decided to add a little kink into your life, or maybe you just want to spice up the bedroom time a little bit. Whether you want to create your own Fifty Shades style of fantasy or you just want to get a little creative with your intimate time, role-play can be wonderful. To make a good role-play session enjoyable, you have to have an idea that appeals to you and your partner and carry it out to the end. As you go along, you will find the things that work really well for you so that you can fine-tune your sessions together.

There are three things, however, that are must haves for any role-play session. Whether you are in a new BDSM dynamic or are a couple looking to add something a little extra in the bedroom, these three things should be the basis for all of your role-play.

  • Communicate and plan. While your first forays into role-play are probably going to be in the bed, whispering a quick scenario, if you want to have a complete beginning to end scene, you need to plan it. Talk to your partner about what the scene will involve, what will happen during the scene, and how it will end. Plan the details that will carry the scene along.

How much planning do you need? That depends on you and your scene. For most scenes, you just need a basic idea; you do not have to script it out and lay down little X marks on the floor. On the other hand, some people do enjoy scripting out a full scene, complete with the lines they will deliver. It is really a matter of preference, but communication and at least basic planning is necessary.

  • Get yourself in the mood. You simply have to take time to relax and get yourself into the mindset of the role you will play. If you are going to be a bombshell vixen prowling for an innocent young man, you will probably have a hard time getting into the role if you just had to put the baby to bed. Before you start your scene, take some time to unwind. Take a nice relaxing bath or shower. Play some mood music. If you have a costume, take some time to admire yourself in it. You can also take a few minutes to watch a few scenes or read a few passages of your favorite inspiration for your role.

Which brings me to:

  • Have inspiration. This should be understood. Unfortunately, too often, we think how great it would be to be Leia with a sexier, hunkier Jabba – or at the very least, a Jabba that looks like our partners. What we fail to do before putting the fantasy into practice is to go back and watch the scenes that inspired the idea in the first place. Whether you are drawing a fantasy up from scratch or recreating another scene, have something that will help get you into the mood and inspire you. Do you want an office role-play scene? Put in The Secretary. Do you want to role-play a scene about obsession? Re-watch Dangerous Liaisons. If you are looking for a hero/villainess scenario, check out the scenes between Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton in Batman Returns. You can also put in Exit to Eden if you are looking for general ideas. After all, the whole point of Mistress Lisa’s island was to help couples create fantasies, and they movie does a very good job of displaying many little snippets.

Whatever your role-play fantasy, make sure of two things. You and your partner should be on the same page with what will take place, and both of you should be comfortable. Second, you should both have fun. The point of role-play is for both of you to experience a different side of each other or to experience each other in a different way. Enjoy and open yourself to the increased intimacy that role-play can bring you.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October

Join us on 18 October for wear it pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Join in the cause to help women in need today.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, except for skin cancers. Currently 12% of women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in her life.

Nearly half of all women 40 and older have dense breasts. Help us honor those at every step of the breast cancer journey by sharing the story of how you or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer. We will share these stories throughout the month of October on our social media channels to encourage others facing breast cancer.

There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year. Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and developing countries. In low- and middle-income countries the incidence has been rising up steadily in the last years due to increase in life expectancy, increase urbanization and adoption of western lifestyles.

Currently there is not sufficient knowledge on the causes of breast cancer, therefore, early detection of the disease remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. When breast cancer is detected early, and if adequate diagnosis and treatment are available, there is a good chance that breast cancer can be cured. If detected late, however, curative treatment is often no longer an option. In such cases, palliative care to relief the suffering of patients and their families is needed.

Join us on 18 October for wear it pink

The majority of deaths (269,000) occur in low- and middle-income families, where most women with breast cancer are diagnosed in late stages due mainly to lack of awareness on early detection and barriers to health services. A situation that can be reverted if adequate public health programs are put in place.