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Well probably no one needs that many, but hey, why not? And that’s how many you’ve got right now if you’re using Sex Dice Evolved, the iPhone and Android app developed by MyPleasure.  When we first created the app and decided to let users create and share their own dice, we really didn’t know if anyone would do this.  So we’re very excited and we wanted to share some of our favorites.

If you’ve got the app, just grab the code to download any of these for free.  You can see the full list at www.twitter.com/sexdice.  But you’ve got to have the app if you want to play.  What a great addition to your sex toys.

Here are some of our favorite user generated apps with their download codes.  Comment  below to tell us about your favorite.

Role Play Him/Her
(download code: 133)

Role Play Him/Her - Enter Code 133

Role Play Him/Her

Dan & Megan
(download code: 303)

Dan & Megan: Code 303

Dan & Megan

Tease and Denial
(download code: 214)

Tease & Denial: Code 214

Tease & Denial

(download code: 196)

Fantasies - Code 192


Fun Roulette
(download code: 192)

Fun Roulette - Enter Code 192

Fun Roulette

We hope you enjoy these.  Comment below to tell us about your favorite.

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Is Celibacy Right For Me?What kind of women is celibacy for? What are the benefits of celibacy?

Celibacy is great for any woman who is looking to examine or redefine her relationship with her sexuality (even if it is just temporarily). For almost anyone, taking some time to become more conscious, aware and mindful about the role sex plays in your life can be of value.

Should women worry that if you don’t “use it,” you “lose it?”

There is actually some truth to that. Recent research on female desire shows that it is very different from the linear model of men’s arousal. For many women, desire comes AFTER arousal, so it is more about receptivity and responsiveness. In fact, when visualized, this new view of female sexuality does not look like the standard “climb” but more like a circle, with positive experiences and sensations feeding into more desire and arousal, sort of like a fly-wheel. Once that fly-wheel comes to a stop, it can take quite a bit to start it up again, especially if the woman is in a relationship. However, this need not be the case (see next answer)…

How can you keep your desire for sex in check if you want to be celibate?

Really, it is not about keeping your desire in check, it is about being mindful about your actions. What you need to do is define what celibacy means to you. Ask yourself what you are hoping to get from this period of time. Is it to focus more on a personal or career goal without distractions? To learn more about what you authentically want? Or perhaps simply avoid repeating previous mistakes such as jumping into a new relationship too soon? In many situations, you can legitimately be “celibate” while still being completely fulfilled sexually. You may decide, for example, that you would rather not engage in partnered activities, but that masturbation and sex toys don’t stand in the way of your “vows.” Maybe you feel that you can flirt or even make out but want to draw the line at intercourse. There is no right or wrong way to do it. In fact, I recommend starting with something easy, for a limited period of time, then reevaluate and adjust your program based on what is and isn’t working for you. If you go overboard and promise yourself things like you won’t have a single sexual thought, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Is there anything sexy about being celibate?

Absolutely! It is in the contrasts that eroticism lives. No matter how much you enjoy something, after a while you become accustomed to it and it no longer has such a strong effect. Think of the last time you walked into a room and noticed a pleasant smell. How long were you aware of it? A few seconds? A minute? By taking a break from certain activities we can come to appreciate them more, especially when we start up again.

Perhaps even more importantly, real passion comes from temptation and overcoming obstacles. The forbidden can be very enticing. If you know you can’t do something, you may find yourself desiring it all the more. In fact, don’t be surprised if you become a magnet for men once you decide to be celibate; men like a challenge, while you instantly come across as less needy and therefore more sexy!

Dr. Sandor Gardos is a licensed clinical psychologist and sex therapist and founder of MyPleasure.com.

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By Liz Langley

Premature ejaculation, a condition causing a man to reach sexual climax before he or his partner is ready, has long been thought to have its roots in stress, guilt or excitement. A new study, however, suggests a genetic component to the problem in almost the same breath in which a pill to treat the condition went on sale in the UK.

PE has typically been treated with relaxation therapies, desensitizing creams or other techniques like “the squeeze method,” described here on Medicine Plus, a US government health website thus: as the man is about to ejaculate “the man or his partner gently squeezes the end of the penis (where the glans meets the shaft) for several seconds. Stop sexual stimulation for about 30 seconds, and then start it again,” repeating until ejaculation is desired.

On the same page, however, there’s a clue as to a future PE treatment. Some patients, it says, were finding relief through antidepressants because they delay ejaculation. The new UK drug, Priligy (dapoxetine) regulates the brain’s seratonin levels which give a man more control over when he ejaculates. It’s has already been approved in several other European countries and is selling in England for an eye-popping $118 for three pills (it’s taken one to three hours before sex).

Interestingly, Priligy is only prescribed online. While an estimated 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation many are too embarrassed to discuss the problem with a doctor. The online consultations are meant to remove that obstacle according to a spokesperson at Lloydspharmacy who is providing the service. After a consultation the pills are delivered to the patient securely through the mail.

Now, however, it looks like men don’t need to be embarrassed about the problem – they can blame an ancestor.

Researchers in Sweden and Finland studied saliva samples from 1300 men to test for “defects in a dopamine transporter gene DAT1,” according to the Daily Mail UK. Men with a variation in the gene were “much more like to suffer from premature ejaculation.” The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Priligy has not yet been approved by the FDA though according to this comprehensive MSNBC story on the subject, Johnson & Johnson applied for approval in 2005 but were turned down. Interestingly the story brings up the idea that introducing the medication to the market might give some men who are perfectly health the idea that they have a problem, i.e., the cure inspiring ideas of a disease they don’t really have.

And now that you’re wondering it also says the average guy lasts about six minutes….but please don’t get out the timer. Most women take a lot of things to bed – desire for passion, intimacy and all kinds of play. Not many take a stopwatch.

About Liz Langley
Liz Langley is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in about 20 publications – to see more go to www.lizlangley.com

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So you’re good with the whole sex toy thing: you’ve settled on a few favorites and they’re nicely nestled into your nightstand for easy access. Now, what to do about “the introduction” – how do you integrate sex toys into your love making routine? Well, here are a few of our favorite sex positions to use with sex toys:

1. GIRL ON TOP – Vibrating Erection Ring
This is definitely a two-fer, the vibrating erection ring like the Berrylicious Ring – is a perfect couples toy because you’re not only sharing the moment but you’re literally sharing the sex toy. Often we use sex toys with our partner as either helper or voyeur, but this toy is for dual stimulation which equals more fun for everyone. When the woman is on top it allows her to control the intensity of the vibrations and guarantee just the right amount of vibration to take her over the edge.

2. DOGGY STYLE – Clitoral Stimulator
This doggy style position feels particularly good for the man as he’s able to penetrate more deeply. Since most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm this is the perfect time to use the Layaspot. Either you or your partner can hold it against her clitoris for direct stimulation and pleasure.

3. ORAL SEX FOR HER – Slimline Vaginal Vibrator
Nothing quite compliments your tongue action like your new best friend the Hearts Desire. You’re doing just fine with your tongue but there’s nothing like adding some extra pleasure as well. Many women enjoy being stimulated both internally and externally and this will surely add the “wow” factor you’ve been waiting for.

4. ORAL SEX FOR HIM – Bullet Vibes
The Crystal High Intensity Bullet is no doubt the perfect his and her accoutrement any time you’re pleasing your man. A vibrator can provide stimulation on the head, shaft and base of the penis, as well as the testicles. Just lightly touch him all over with it.

5. GUY ON TOP- Small Clitoral Pocket Rocket
Clitoral stimulation is always an important part of any sex act so why not make the missionary more fun with a MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket. It will spice up any missionary position and ensure sufficient clitoral stimulation.

For some advice on how to introduce sex toys to your relationship and try out some of the positions/ideas listed above read MyPleasure “Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship”.

If you’ve tried using sex toys during sex what positions did you use – please share your comments below? We’d love to hear from you.

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Amy Keyishian recently interviewed Dr. Sandor Gardos for a piece on CafeMom about keeping the connection with your partner when, for medical reasons, you cannot have sex. What many people don’t realize is that sex therapists often ban intercourse for couples for a period of time so that they can learn other ways of giving and receiving pleasure. Dr. Gardos talk about how this can be an opportunity for a crash course. Many of the tips presented are actually good habits to develop for any couple.  

Read the whole interview >>

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By Liz Langley

Brace yourselves: male chimps have discovered Axe Body Spray.

Well, they’ve discovered the male chimp version anyway, something designed to get feminine attention.

Choosey chimpanzees choose leaves instead of body wash as a way to get the girl’s notice (its far more economical but then, chimps don’t make that much money, probably about the same as most of us do these days). A recent New York Times reports Dr. William C McGrew of the University of Cambridge found that male chimps will clip leaves which make a noisy sound like the tearing of paper:

“He spreads his legs so the female sees the erection, and he tears the leaf bit by bit down the midvein of the leaf, dropping the pieces as he detaches them. Sometimes he’ll do half a dozen leaves until she notices.”

If, when she does notice, she likes what she sees, then they’ll mate. The long and the short of it is that chimps are using tools to acquire sex. Next think you know they’ll be going heavy on the hair product and asking females what jewelry store they got their eyes from.

So this is a tool for sex but that doesn’t mean it’s a sex tool. Chimps haven’t quite gotten the Jackrabbit stage yet…right?

Well, Dr. Susan Block’s has a picture of what she says is a bonobo chimp using a red ball as a sex toy and bonobos, whether or not they use toys for sex, definitely use sex as a tool in itself – to resolve conflict and keep the peace within the group. “The Erotic Ape,” as their known, as a sizzling hot reputation for doing it every way they can every minute or every day – and if we didn’t have to work and watch “Glee” wouldn’t we be doing the same?

The bottom line is that sex is a drive that we use all our gifts to satisfy and among primates, including us, those gifts include tool use. Last year a story about vibrator studies, by Debby Herbenick, appeared in the New York Times and opened our eyes to the mainstreaming of sex toys, who’s using them and how and in a sense this is not so different than a chimpanzee crackling a leaf in hopes of ensuring his satisfaction – it’s still the use of a tool as a means to an end. MyPleasure founder Dr. Sandor Gardos commented on that sex toy study that showed that there’s nothing unusual or embarrassing about using vibrators and about his hopes that “people will talk about what’s sexually interesting and exciting to them without fear, shame or embarrassment.”

The apes certainly don’t seem embarrassed about this perfectly natural – and really, really fun – drive, and maybe we should take a cue from them.

Though if I start seeing guys at coffee houses and in parks crackling noisy leaves in front of their spread legs and obvious erections I might just have to rethink that theory.

About Liz Langley
Liz Langley is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in about 20 publications – to see more go to www.lizlangley.com

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